Freminet is a four-star Cryo claymore user who primarily functions as a main DPS unit with both Cryo and Physical Damage capabilities. Much like Eula, Freminet can be built both ways, but I personally recommend opting for the simpler and more consistent Physical Damage option. If you intend to build the youngest of the House of the Hearth sibling trio, here’s everything you need to prepare.

Best weapons for Freminet in Genshin Impact

Freminet is a main DPS so he’s best paired with weapons that can boost his overall damage output. I recommend choosing a weapon before rolling for Artifact stats, so you know whether to roll for more Crit Rate or Damage.

Five-star options

Four-star options

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Best Artifacts for Freminet in Genshin Impact

Freminet is a DPS character, so he’s best paired with the following DPS-boosting main stats:

  • Sands: Attack percent
  • Goblet: Physical Damage Bonus or Cryo Damage Bonus (depending on preferred build)
  • Circlet: Crit Rate or Crit Damage (depending on what you’re lacking)

Meanwhile, for Artifact sets, you can choose one of two best-in-slot options depending on your preferred build:

  • Four-piece Pale Flame (Physical Damage build)
    • This is a great option to increase Freminet’s Physical Damage output, while also granting him an extra Attack boost by triggering his Elemental Skill—which you’ll be doing a lot in his rotations.
  • Four-piece Blizzard Strayer (Cryo Damage build)
    • If you’re going for the Cryo Damage path, this set is a no-brainer that will boost both Freminet’s Cryo Damage and damage against enemies affected by Cryo.

Alternatively, if you’re having trouble farming for new sets, you can combine pairs from universal DPS Artifact sets, such as Gladiator’s Finale and Echoes of an Offering, for Attack percent boosts.

Best team for Freminet in Genshin Impact

Here are a few ideas on how to use Freminet across his two builds.

  • Shatter Team – Forming a Shatter Team is a great way to utilize Freminet’s Physical Damage prowess. Some team combos include an off-field Hydro sub-DPS (Xingqiu or Yelan), an Electro sub-DPS to add to Shatter damage (Raiden Shogun, Yae Miko, Kuki Shinobu), and a Cryo sub-DPS or support for Resonance (Rosaria, Mika, Diona, Layla).
  • Perma Freeze Team – A classic team comp that relies on a Cryo-based main DPS. Freminet can be paired with a team that includes a consistent Hydro applicator (Kokomi, Mona, Yelan, Xingqiu), an Anemo Swirl sub-DPS (Kazuha, Sucrose, Wanderer), and preferably a secondary Cryo applicator (Shenhe, Layla)

For more on Freminet, check out our Genshin Impact Freminet farming guide here on Steam Game Guides.


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