If you’re not familiar with the game, shopping for gifts for League of Legends fans can be very confusing. When your granddaughter or grandson asks for RP, Winterblessed champion skins, and LCS jerseys, it can be tempting to take the safe option and send them money. However, we are here to help you shop for the perfect gift for your friends and family, something that is memorable and in tune with their personal interests. These are the best Christmas gifts for League of Legends fans.

What to buy for League of Legends fans

Poro Pillow by AlexandCandy

Image via AlexandrCandy

This colorful pillowcase represents the holder Poro, a fluffy friend in League of Legends. Pores are always hungry and can be given treats in the game. With this pillowcase that exudes happiness, you can start the day right.

Star Guardian Soraka Figure

Image via Riot Games

This beautiful figurine depicts Soraka in her Star Guardian skin, complete with her Shisa magical medium. The design of this collectible really captures the whimsy of the Star Guardian skin line and is perfect for placing on her desk.

K/DA Akali Necklace

Image via Riot Games

This gold plated necklace is in the shape of Akali’s Kama weapon and is a great way to subtly represent your favorite game. The necklace also comes with an exclusive K/DA case, which can be repurposed as a stylish jewelry box.

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Jinx Themed Candles by TheBlueRoseShoppeCo

Images via TheBlueRoseShoppeCo

These candles are themed after the champion Jinx and come in shades of pink and purple. They are also dotted with collectible crystals that can be retrieved once the candle has finished burning. This candle is the perfect gift for a fun loving person who enjoys playing League of Legends.

Space Groove Pullover Hoodie

Image via Riot Games

This hoodie is colorful, soft, and ready to rock. Each hoodie has an oversized fit as well as embroidered details. The print continues on the back of the hoodie, creating a design with continuity and style.

Jhin Resin Art by RusticSwallowArt

Images via RusticSwallowArt

This beautiful resin piece contains an LED base, allowing it to change colors at will. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted and has unique details that set it apart. This gift is perfect for fans of champion Jhin in particular.

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