Best items to farm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)


Part of finding success in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is through always having a bag filled of good collectables. Players never know when a Bloodmoon might strike or they might come across an unexpected enemy camp. With the right ingredients, players can keep Link stacked with extra hearts, beefed up Attack power, and some great items to fuse with arrows.

Which items should players farm in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)?

Overall, the high value items are much less abundant in Tears of the Kingdom than they were in Breath of the Wild. That means when players come across these items, they should really plan out their use. Here are the best items to hold onto and why they are useful:

  • Hearty Truffles: can be used to give Link extra hearts, especially when multiple are cooked.
  • Golden Apple: yields a ton of hearts when cooked with other apples or different ingredients.
  • Mighty Bananas: when cooked, they creat meals that buff Link’s attack power. These meals are great to eat before going into a boss battle or fighting a Gleeok.
  • Fire Fruit: perhaps the best item to fuse with an arrow. This creates a fiery arrow that can either cause an updraft or burn an enemy.
  • Shock Fruit: another great item to fuse with arrows. This will create shock arrows, which causes enemies to drop their weapons upon contact.

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  • Brightbloom Seeds: when struck, they blossom into a flower that lights up an area. These seeds are essential for exploring the depths.
  • Stamella Shrooms: can be cooked into a mushroom skewer that replenishes Stamina. Great for the early game when Link’s Stamina is low.
  • Fairies: will revive Link after dying with a certain number of hearts.
  • Any Crab: the crabs in the game tend to yield a high heart count as well as their special effect. For instance, the Bright-Eyed Crab will create a meal that gives a solid number of hearts as well as replenish the Stamina Wheel.

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