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Memories do make a return in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, but they work slightly differently. Instead of chasing down glowing lights like in Breath of the Wild, Link will instead be investigating Dragon Tears, which are found in the huge geoglyphs around Hyrule. It’s really easy to see these memories out of order, so it’s best to know which ones to find at what time to get the story of the game in the right sequence.

Which order should players view Dragon Tear Memories in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

The first dragon tear players find in Tears of the Kingdom should always be the one that Impa is investigating by New Serenne Stable (coordinates -1308, 0824, 0095). After helping Impa get into the balloon, she will give Link the quest to find all of the dragon tears. This initial dragon tear also sets up Zelda’s journey.

After that, players should look for these geoglyphs in this order:

  • The temple geoglyph on the side of the Tabinthia Hills in the Hebra region (coordinates -2532, 1894, 0324)
  • The geoglyph that looks like a Sheikah Slate south of Eldin Canyon, north of the Lanaryu Wetlands (coordinates 1827, 0742, 0090).
  • The Molduga-shaped geoglyph by Batrea Lake, west of the Sahasra Slope Skyview Tower (coordinates 0699, -1314, 0053)
  • The geoglyph of the kneeling figure, which can be seen from Gerudo Town on the side of the Gerudo Highlands (coordinates -3176, -1703, 0419).
  • The geoglyph of the standing Zonai, found on top of Illumeni Plateau, which is north of the Gerudo Highlands, nestled between it and Tanegar Canyon (coordinates -3104, -0078, 0211).
  • The geoglyph of the bended sword, found along the beach past Lurelin Village (coordinates 3327, -3545, 0004).
  • The thundercloud geoglyph, found in North Tabanthia Snowfield in the northern part of the Hebra region (coordinates -1865, 3624, 0237).
  • The geoglyph in the shape of a tear, found north of Talus Plateau in the corner tucked in southeast of Zora Domain (coordinates 4469, -0308, 0075).
  • The geoglyph of the stone with the sword at its center, which is draped along the side of Mount Falora as can be seen from the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower (coordinates -0646, -2679, 0068)
  • The geoglyph of the straight sword, found draped on the northwestern side of Death Mountain, next to Sikukuu Shrine (coordinates 0889, 2953, 0363)

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How to check the Dragon Tear Order in TOTK (Zelda Tears of the Kingdom)

There is actually a room in Tears of the Kingdom that reveals the order for each Dragon Tear. After heling Impa with the balloon, she will give Link another quest to head to the Forgotten Temple, which is found at the northern part of Tanegar Canyon by the Tabanthia Snowfield.

Don’t worry; there won’t be a horde of guardians waiting for Link like in Breath of the Wild. Instead there will just be a couple of Bobolkins, a shrine, and a secret room in the back. This room will have a minimap of Hyrule, with all of the geoglyph areas highlighted. If players look at the walls in the room, though, the geoglyphs will be ordered from left to right.

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