Best place to Farm Skill Points in Jedi Survivor

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Are you playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and looking for a quick fix of Skill Points to put in your mix? Perhaps some flashy skills have caught your eye, or you’re looking to grab the important skills quickly. Well, what if I said we’ve found the perfect place to farm a bunch of Skill Points, and it’s located in the early game? Interested? If skill points are your thing, and you need some right now, here’s the best place to farm skill points in Jedi Survivor, especially for the early game.

Best Skill Point Farm in Jedi Survivor

Before we jump into it, you’ll need to have already reached the planet Koboh to reach this location. The farm location in question is Koboh, Fort Kah’lin. Fort Kah’lin is crawling with reprogrammed Separatist droids, making the location itself already a great farm for skill points. However, the place we’re talking about specifically is a still-functioning separatist droid transport located within the fort.

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This droid transport is guarded by two battle droids and a Bedham raider. You’ll need to take them out to get to the transport itself. However, the moment you begin this battle, the transport will spring into action, dropping off a squad of six melee battle droids. Dispatch them, and the transport will next spawn two super battle droids and two more battle droids in a second wave. Taking this wave out will cause the transport to drop off a final four commando droids for you to destroy.

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Defeating all of these enemies will yield you roughly 85% of a Skill Point. To sweeten the deal, there is a Meditation Point very close to the droid transport, and resting there will reset the droid transport event as well. The droids are relatively easy to kill normally, but they all spawn clumped up together, allowing you to cleave them down with ease. Do this a couple of times, and you’ll be swimming in skill points.

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