Teamfight Ways’ Set 8 has quite a lot of traits, augments, objects, and synergies which may confuse some gamers about the perfect route to safe a win. Fortunately, we have made an inventory of the highest comps for set 8 that will help you achieve a spot on the high.

Finest TFT Builds for Set 8

These builds are compiled from participant knowledge and the win price share. They’re the highest ten chosen builds for patch 13.1 in January 2023. These builds will enable you to obtain at the very least a place within the high 4 that will help you rank up.

10. Coronary heart Taliyah

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The Coronary heart Taliyah construct focuses on 4 carries: Taliyah, Soraka, Ekko, and Syndra. This gives you 5 Star Guardian, 4 Spellslinger, 4 Coronary heart, and a couple of A.D.M.I.N. Having Lux and Annie early within the recreation will profit you, as Annie is a superb frontlane champion. Along with Lux, she’s going to activate the Spellslinger trait to ease you thru the primary few rounds till you get extra Star Guardians like Rell, Ekko, Soraka, and Taliyah. The main target of this construct is the Coronary heart trait. So, should you get a Coronary heart emblem, take it and put it on Lux.

9. Anima Squad Miss Fortune

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Miss Fortune has fairly quite a lot of builds targeted round her nevertheless it’s often Anima Squad. This construct has 5 Anima Squad, 2 Aegis, 2 Mascots, and a couple of Pranksters. When you get hold of an Anima Squad emblem, you should utilize it on Ekko to create a 7-Anima Squad whereas protecting Alistar as Mascot and Aegis. 

8. Recon Kai’Sa

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Recon is a trait that has been rising in reputation lately. Rightfully so, since it is a very highly effective construct should you get it proper. Recons are all backlane champions. So, having a robust frontlane is vital. That is why there are 3 Aegis, 3 Anima Squad, 3 Recon, 3 Star Guardian, and a couple of Brawler. Begin the sport by placing on Aegis, then add Recons within the early recreation. When you get a Recon emblem, put it on Ekko.

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7. Ox Drive Viego

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Getting Viego within the recreation ensures a win, however solely you probably have the objects for him. This construct has 6 Ox Drive, 3 Aegis, 3 Renegade, and 1 Arsenal. Fielding Sylas, Talon, and Annie will enable you to get via the early rounds earlier than you get Viego. When you get a Renegade emblem, put it on Aphelios.

6. LaserCorps Zed

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Zed is without doubt one of the greatest champions in TFT Set 8. He is a one-man military, no matter whether or not you area him on the board with LaserCorps, Duelist, or Hacker. The one situation is that you’ve got the objects for him. This construct has 6 LaserCorps, 2 Brawler, 2 Duelist, 2 Hacker, and a couple of Prankster. The easiest way to get via the early recreation is to have duelists in your board. Duelists are OP.

5. Samira Sureshot

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Sureshot is a construct that is a bit tougher to run than the remaining. Whereas Sureshot are very highly effective, they’re all backlane and do not tank harm properly. When you have frontlane, then this construct is a really highly effective. This set consists of 3 MECHA:Prime, 2 Aegis, 2 Sureshot, 2 Defenders, 2 Mascot, and 1 Ace. There are solely 2 Sureshot, and the remaining are all frontlane harm tankers. You even have Fiddlesticks, since he has the Risk trait and works properly alone. Nonetheless, should you get a Sureshot emblem, you may add Urgot to your staff and provides him the symbol. You’ll be able to have a mixture of MECHA:Prime, Aegis, and Defenders throughout the early recreation.

4. Civilian Samira

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Identical to the fifth entry, this construct additionally focuses on Sureshot. Particularly, Samira. The construct consists of 4 Sureshot, 3 Civilian, 2 Mascot, 2 Ox Drive, 1 Risk, and 1 Ace. 4 Sureshot offers quite a lot of harm. Civilian will assist them use their final extra shortly, whereas Mascot will present extra therapeutic. Zac is a Risk and a very good frontlane that may purchase your Sureshot a while to do extra harm. Within the early recreation, you may go along with Civilian and Mascot. When you have a Sureshot emblem, put it on one in every of your tanks.

3. Duelist Zed

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As we talked about within the sixth entry, Zed is ideal. And, Duelists are OP. Regardless of being the third entry on this listing, this construct is comparatively easy to assemble. You’ve got 4 Duelist, 3 LaserCorps, 2 Aegis, 2 Brawler, and a couple of Hacker. Hacker lets Zed bounce to the again to complete off the enemy carry. You’ll be able to at all times have extra Duelist. Duelist are additionally good throughout the early recreation, since there are many low-cost Duelist. When you get a Duelist emblem, go all Duelist. Put the symbol on a LaserCorps

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2. Miss Fortune Ace

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Ace might be essentially the most tough trait to construct in TFT Set 8. It is like Ninja from TFT’s older units. You’ll be able to have one Ace or all 4. Getting all of them is hard. This construct has 4 Ace, and 4 Risk. Threats are champions with their skills, which make them very robust on their very own. Utilizing Risk champions to finish this construct is an efficient technique. There isn’t a method you may lose that recreation after you have it. Throughout the early recreation, it is best to use Risk champions. When you get an Ace emblem, put it on one in every of your Risk champions.

1. Ace Sett

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There are 4 Ace, every of which has its personal traits. You possibly can go Miss Fortune Ace or go the Draven route and go the Mecha:PRIME method. This construct has 5 Mecha:PRIME, 4 Ace, and 2 Defender. Sett will probably be your Mecha:PRIME carry as he tanks via harm whereas your Ace finishes everybody else off. Deal with Mecha:PRIME and Defender throughout the early recreation. When you get an Ace emblem, exchange Mordekaiser with Fiddlesticks and put it on him.

All of those builds are a roadmap for what builds you should utilize for a win. You’ll be able to modify these with additions of your individual. With so many augments in Set 8, the TFT world is unpredictable. So, give these a attempt.

When you aren’t certain which augments to make use of with these builds, try TFT Increase Tier Checklist (January 2023) right here, on Professional Sport Guides.


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