Borderlands 3 is coming to Switch, four years after the game’s original launch on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and it’s hitting Nintendo’s console next month. Fans of the series have been asking for it for years now, as all the other main Borderlands games are playable on the console. Developer Gearbox Software is finally delivering, and it’s doing so on October 6.

It’s not just Borderlands 3 coming to the Switch. Gearbox claims that this is specifically the Ultimate Edition of the game, which includes all six content add-ons and a collection of bonus cosmetic packs.

Here’s what you get in Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition:

  • Moxxi Heist of the Handsome Jackpot Add-on
  • Guns, Love and Tentacles: The Marriage of Wainwright and Hammerlock Add-on
  • Bounty of Blood Add-on
  • Psycho Krieg and Fantastic Fustercluck Add-on
  • Designer cut The add-on, “Arms Race” mode, includes an additional skill tree for each Vault Hunter, a new raid boss, new story missions, behind-the-scenes extras, and three Vault cards.
  • All four Multiverse Final Form cosmetic packs
  • All four Multiverse Disciples of the Vault cosmetic packs
  • Butt Stallion PackIt includes a weapon skin, a trinket, and a butt stallion grenade mod
  • Retro cosmetic packIt includes Vault Hunter skin, ECHO device skin and Trinket
  • Neon Cosmetic PackThis includes a weapon skin and a trinket
  • Gear Box Cosmetic PackThis includes a weapon skin and a trinket
  • Toy Box Weapon PackIt includes two toy guns, a toy grenade mod and a trinket
  • Equipable XP and loot drop boost mods

Gearbox is also releasing a physical version of Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition and its pre-orders are now live.

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition will hit the Switch on October 6.

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