Fan opinion of Boruto is slightly blended. There are many followers who imagine {that a} sequel sequence did not must exist, and that the Naruto franchise is solely being dragged-out due to how overwhelmingly common it’s. However, on the flip facet of this, there are simply as many followers who enjoy attending to see their favorites aged-up and residing out their lives as adults — most of them even go on to have households of their very own.

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This additionally implies that the following era — anybody who may be beginning with Boruto as their introduction to the franchise — get to develop up with Naruto and the others’ youngsters simply as present adults grew up alongside Naruto. One of the fan-favorites out of the brand new era is Himawari, Naruto and Hinata’s daughter, and there is fairly a bit followers won’t find out about her.

9 Himawari’s First Appearance Is Actually Three Years Before The Release Of Boruto’s Anime

Himawari’s first look in Boruto is through the first episode of the anime. However, this is not her very first look — which surprisingly occurs three years earlier than the discharge of Boruto.

While Boruto premiered in early 2017, Himawari — and her brother, Boruto — had their first look on the finish of The Last: Naruto The Movie. There’s a flash-forward to Naruto and Hinata’s wedding ceremony after the occasions of the film and one other flash-forward that shortly exhibits their two youngsters for the primary time.

8 Himawari Has Two Different Voice Actresses In Both Japanese & English

There are fairly just a few completely different the explanation why a personality could have multiple voice actor. The commonest of those is that they want completely different, appropriate voices for a youthful and older interval of their life, however this is not the case with Boruto’s Himawari.

In each English and Japanese, Himawari has two completely different voice actresses. In The Last: Naruto The Movie, she’s voiced by Stephanie Sheh and Yuki Kuwahara respectively. However, in Boruto, her voice actors are Melissa Fahn and Saori Hayami.

7 Himawari Finds A Stray Wolf In The Anime & Cares For It Alongside Kawaki

For Boruto followers who solely learn the manga or maybe those that skip anime episodes which might be counted as filler, they miss out on considered one of Himawari’s most healthful but heartbreaking relationships. Jaggy is a wolf who initially had a pack,however decides to depart them when his white fur extra simply alerted hunters and predators to the group.

Later, he is discovered by Himawari — who’s later adopted by Kawaki — and the 2 feed him and look after him. One day, they discover bear prints main out of Jaggy’s cave and uncover that the bear has killed him as soon as they lastly attain Jaggy’s physique. They determine to bury him to pay respects and Himawari guarantees to nonetheless go to him.

6 Himawari Is Insanely Powerful Despite Her Age To The Point Of Terrifying Boruto


Despite being two years youthful than Boruto and solely ten years previous, Himawari is scarily highly effective. This is greatest seen through the day of Naruto’s inauguration when Himawari plans to carry her favourite panda toy.

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Boruto, who typically finally ends up being the one having to hold her toys, tries to get it away from her and rips it unintentionally within the course of. Her Byakugan awakens on this second and she or he goes to assault Boruto with a transfer highly effective sufficient to knock out Naruto himself as he shields his son, terrifying Boruto and prompting him to attempt to disguise from her fully.

5 Himawari Is An Incredibly Considerate Girl Who’s Even Kind To Strangers

Himawari’s biggest traits are her compassion and kindness. Though she is liable to her bouts of rage, deep down she’s extremely variety. This is proven very often together with her household as she’s proven bringing flowers to Neji’s grave and she or he typically tries to get her brother’s consideration.

However, it is a kindness that Himawari additionally extends to strangers. She values her toys and loves them dearly, as proven by simply how upset she turns into when one is destroyed. Despite this, she’s greater than prepared to provide her Kurama toy to a younger boy she did not know, claiming that she felt he wanted it greater than her.

4 Himawari Doesn’t Give Into Others’ Pressure To Become A Shinobi Given Her Lineage

There’s loads of stress positioned on Himawari to change into a shinobi, even if shinobi aren’t as vital as they had been for Naruto’s era. After all, her mother and father — the Seventh Hokage himself and Hinata — are each extremely completed and highly effective shinobi and Himawari is anticipated by many to do the identical.

However, regardless of her age, Himawari has an extremely mature viewpoint on the trail her life will comply with. She states that she desires to expertise numerous completely different profession paths so she will be able to get a transparent understanding of her targets and passions slightly than being pressured into one simply due to her household.

3 Himawari Learns How To Activate The Byakugan At Will, Without Proper Training, At Age 10

Himawari first prompts the Byakugan when she’s only some years previous throughout Naruto’s Hokage inauguration. It was finished throughout a match of anger after Boruto unintentionally rips considered one of her toys. She’s proven utilizing it a number of instances all through the years that comply with as nicely, nevertheless it’s at all times throughout moments of utmost emotional outburst.

That alone is famous to be spectacular by Hiashi since Himawari has no prior coaching. To make issues much more spectacular, by the age of 10, she’s in a position to activate and management her Byakugan at will.

2 Himawari’s Name Has Several Meanings, Including “Sunflower”

Himawari’s title has a number of completely different meanings and most of them tie into her household lineage. The just one that does not is probably the most simple which means, with Himawari which means “sunflower.”

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When reversed, the primary two kanji for Himawari spell “Hyuga,” which will also be learn as Hinata, a transparent reference to her mom. “Mawari” can also be a reference to the spiral theme in Naruto’s title, as Mawari means rotation.

1 Both Himawari & Boruto Originally Did Not Possess The Byakugan

Characters within the Hyuga Clan usually present by their eyes that they are Byakugan customers, even when the Kekkei Genkai is not activated. Neither Boruto or Himawari have visible indicators of this and a few assume that it is simply because they’re solely half-Hyuga.

That is not the case, although. Masashi Kishimoto himself states that he meant to provide each Boruto and Himawari the Byakugan, however forgot to take action earlier than releasing Chapter 700 the place they debuted. This is later corrected within the “Zai no Sho” one-shot the place Himawari awakens her Byakugan for the primary time.

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