Brazen Blaze launches July 18

Three-on-three “hit and shoot action” virtual reality game shameless flare will be launched for SteamVR and Quest on July 18 for $14.99, developer MyDearest announced. Metastore Pre-orders are available today for a 13 percent discount and include exclusive skins.

Here is an overview of the game, through its steam page:


cheeky glow is a three-on-three virtual reality action game with an emphasis on close-range melee combat. Choose from a variety of unique racers, each equipped with individual abilities aimed at destroying anything blocking your path to certain victory!

Key Features

  • Buckle up, racers! Every clash is a lightning round – five to ten minutes of pure adrenaline! Fists fly, lasers flash, skills light up – think fast, fight smart, and dominate the arena!
  • Forget generic banks, we’re talking about simplified but exciting battles. Spit lead with the submachine gun, dance with death with the sword or laugh at bullets with the shield. Choose your runner, choose your style and become the next president of the world!
  • Take down the last player on the enemy team and unlock a satisfying finishing move! Hit and throw enemies into outer space, cut the enemy into pieces, fill them with holes with multiple weapons – it’s fun to kill and get killed too.
  • Wreak havoc on the battlefield of the Presidential War. You can destroy buildings, taxis, statues of political importance and anything you feel like breaking.

The President of the World is elected by force. Raise your gauntlets and prepare for Presidential War!

Continuous updates

Expect continuous, uninterrupted updates throughout the Open Beta based on community feedback to improve not only actual gameplay but also new future content.

Watch a new trailer below.

Release Date Trailer

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