breakers: Open the world trailer

Vic Game Studios has released the official teaser for the newly announced ‘animated RPG’. Crushers: Open World.

Here is the summary of the story:

The story takes place in Seraphia, a continent torn apart by conflict between angels.

As a result of this division, the Angel Eyes Treasure, which carried powerful power, was broken into pieces and scattered across the continent.

In the lands where the fragments fell, unnatural monsters appeared. At the same time, these parts can give a human being powerful enough to change the world. Because of this, unprecedented chaos and prosperity covered the continent.

The continent branched out into independently developed regions, from industrial cities to forests filled with nature and polluted ruins.

Dangerous magical pollution has severed the links between each land, and although transcontinental traffic was halted for a while, adventurers traveling the world in unique “airships” eventually appeared. Thus, they were known as “Crushers,” adventurers who break the boundaries of the world.

The Crushers have one goal: to reach God’s Library, a mythical place said to have never been reached, where all knowledge is gathered before being divided.

To fulfill their desires and ideals, each with their own goals, the adventure of the Crushers begins who aim to reach God’s Library.

Crushers: Open World It will be available for PC, iOS, and Android as a free-to-play title with item-based microtransactions. A release date has not been announced yet. A Japan-only release has currently been announced.

Watch the trailer below.

Trailer teaser

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