Call of Duty Vanguard has received a new update today which makes a number of changes to the game to fix the various bugs that have been present lately.

Just a few days ago, a massive update was released for the Call of Duty games making a plethora of changes. Quite notable of all was the release of the much anticipated Pacific Caldera map in Warzone, which fans had been waiting for for quite a long time now. Along with that, we also witnessed the arrival of a new Zombies map, easter eggs, weapons, and much more.

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Today, the developers have released another update for Call of Duty Vanguard which fixes some of the issues players have raised after the Season 2 launch. After applying this update, players will not face the disappearing Prestige level issue. Some players were not able to see cutscenes as well, and that has been addressed. Lastly, players were facing issue with the White Mirage skin after reaching level 100, and the developers are giving both versions of the operator skin to compensate for that.

Call of Duty Vanguard 1.14 Update Patch Notes Today

  • Addressed a bug where After Season Two launch, Pretige levels are not being displayed accurately between menus.
  • Fixed an issue where some users may not have the Season Two cinematic play for them when booting Vanguard.
  • Addressed a bug where previewing the Tier 100 Skin, the White Mirage skin will not be consistent with the image displayed when previewed. Players who reached Tier 100 prior to this update will be granted both versions of the Operator skin.

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