Cipher 007 is the new James Bond game that hits Apple Arcade later this month


Publisher Tilting Point has revealed Cipher 007, a new top-down action game starring James Bond, will be coming to Apple Arcade on iOS devices later this month. It starts on September 29 and takes players into “The Mind Trap”.

Since this is an Apple Arcade game, it requires a subscription. But once subscribed, the game is technically free to play and has zero microtransactions like all Apple arcade games. In it, you’ll be able to unlock new gadgets and weapons, build resources, collect outfits and new character models from across the franchise, and more.

Check out the Cipher 007 teaser trailer for yourself below:

“Criminal mastermind Blofeld and his boss, Spectre, have once again hatched a plan to destroy his archenemy, James Bond,” reads the game’s description. “This time, he uses brainwashing techniques known as ‘The Mind Trap’, imprisoning Bond in a mental prison in an attempt to turn him into the ultimate double agent. Play as Agent 007 in his most challenging missions yet – escape the mind trap, defeat Blofeld and crack the cipher program. Terminate.”

Since this is a 007 game, you’ll run into other MI6 operatives such as Q, M, and Moneypenny, while completing levels of increasing difficulty as you progress. You can also compete against other players.

Cipher 007 hits Apple Arcade later this month on September 29.


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