Cities: Skylines, the long-running city builder from developer Colossal Order Ltd. and publisher, Paradox Interactive, will officially launch the new version Hotels and retreats Downloadable content May 23, 2023. A new teaser trailer showcases great cinematics, and also reveals Creator Packs.

Cities: Skylines It was originally launched in 2015, but has gradually been ported and reworked to include all major platforms. As of last February, it supports next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles. You can watch complete Hotels and retreats trailer on Cities: Skylines YouTube channel:

Cities: Skylines It has remained one of the most beloved, entertaining and most expansive city builders out there, constantly evolving with the support of developers. However, his time is likely running out, since the direct sequel Cities: Skylines II It was finally announced at the Paradox ad fair in March.

Unless the sequel suffers the same fate Kerbal Space Program 2, which faltered at launch, the new town builder is sure to replace the original. So, fans hope he is Hotels and retreats The DLC will provide a fitting goodbye. However, it is also naturally a smaller-than-usual addition, and a new post on Steam page calls Hotels and retreats Small expansion.

Players will start with a small hotel chain, and the variety of buildings in the trailer today provides plenty of inspiration. The game could have used this tourism trade a while ago, and the developers seem to have enjoyed getting creative with the art designs and options, including grounded roads like convention hotels.

Cities: Skylines It continues to thrive, adding content that each feels like an entirely new sim within the game. Also, the next three creator packs will include Railroads of Japan, Brooklyn & Queens, and Industrial Revolution, which are exciting possibilities.

You can read more about Cities: SkylinesParadox Interactive and other updates in the sim genre by checking out the rest of our news section.

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