flooded, developer Ultimate Destiny’s strategic city builder about escaping from a shrinking island, has just released its third post-release update and patch notes. The update introduces two new technologies for Terraforming, a lower difficulty level called “Relaxed”, and more.

flooded Now available on PC via Steam and GOG, with no word on a console port yet. Here’s the full update announcement from the game’s official Twitter feed, which links to the full patch notes:

flooded It recently launched two weeks ago after a short delay, allowing the developer to add more content in response to fan feedback. They continue to listen and improve with the same dedication after launch, and have already been patching in three more updates.

The basic premise of flooded, where rising water forces players to successfully manage city-building mechanics, is the primary hook and creates a very urgency. However, it is still a very accessible and easy to play game.

As a result, there were a lot of newcomers, and flooded Balances out to be friendlier in today’s update.

The “relaxed” difficulty level weakens the focal point of the game, compared to smaller changes such as the removal of early acid rain, or the expansion of later islands. But it does provide a chance to practice and get used to the flow of play. if Flood The theme is already relevant to players who are not familiar with the genre, and now it’s a perfect introduction.

Lots of the bug fixes are small, and mainly cosmetic, but Terraforming is an ambitious and nifty add-on that should shake up your overall strategies. It highlights the flexibility of the creative foundation, and the game is still developing in the right direction.

You can read more about floodedartificial disasters and other simulation games check out the rest of our news section.

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