Concord Early Access Beta is scheduled for July 12-14, Open Beta is scheduled for July 18-21

Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Firewalk Studios will host an early access beta for Concord from July 12 to 14, followed by an open beta from July 18 to 21, companies Announced.

The early access beta will only be available to users who pre-order. Concord. All users who pre-order the game will receive five codes for the Early Access beta: one for you and four to distribute among friends.

The open beta will be available to all players.

Get the details below.

Play the full list of 16 Freegunner

You won’t have to wait until launch to find your favorite Freegunner(s). During the Concord On beta weekends, you’ll be able to play as all 16 Freegunners that will be available at launch. Whether you like to run and gun, lock down an area, shoot from afar, or support your team, there are Freegunners for players of a wide range of playstyles and skill levels.

From familiar faces like Haymar, Vale, Lennox, 1-0FF and Star Child from the reveal trailer to other members of the Northstar team like It-Z, Teo, Bazz and more, you’ll be able to experience and learn how. Each character brings different strategic skills, a sense of travel and gunplay, and, above all, your own personality to the battlefield.

Explore (and fight on) multiple planets and modes

Throughout both Concord On beta weekends, you’ll be able to visit and battle across multiple worlds and maps in Concord Galaxy.

During the Concord Beta Early Access Weekend, you will have the opportunity to play on four maps:

  • free water – Located in a fortified outpost on the sun-scorched planet Glance, Freewater features intersecting perimeter lanes and a large central courtyard in the middle of the map that serves as a primary convergence point and inspires intense combat engagements.
  • water hazard – On the planet Leviathan, covered in stormy waters, a huge armored eel, known as Morack, has been caught on a large floating fishing platform. Players will fight along the platform and into the jaws of the Morack at a main collection site.
  • star chamber – Located on top of the tallest mountain on planet Gloom is an ancient observatory with narrow hallways and a meteorite in the center, creating great opportunities for team fights and one-on-one battles.
  • Risk of shock – Set beneath a massive lightning-harvesting comet in the sky on the planet Leviathan, Shock Risk features multiple unique arenas to battle rival crews with paths converging on a large central tower.

During the open beta weekend, a new world and a fifth map will be introduced: Bone Mines on the planet Akkar.

  • Bone Mines – The remains of enormous vastadons on the tropical planet Akkar have become the site of a lucrative Guild mining operation, where you will fight your way through excavated bones and mining caverns in a mix of close-range and medium-range combat.

He Concord The beta will also have multiple modes to suit your mood, whether you’re jumping into a quick match after work or teaming up with friends for more coordinated and competitive play.

He Concord The Early Access beta weekend will launch with three modes:

  • trophy hunting – A respawn-based mode where you battle to defeat rival crew members and collect their reward cards to earn points for your team. The first team to reach the target score before time runs out wins the match.
  • Load Execution – A non-spawn mode where teams compete to retrieve the Blue Buddy robotic package delivery system, place it in one of the zones, and defend it from the opposing team to win.
  • shock point – A round-based, non-respawn game mode where teams compete to control a single capture zone in a central location on the map.

Then, during the open beta weekend, you’ll be able to try out a new mode: Area Control.

  • Area Control – A respawn mode where teams compete to control multiple capture and control zones around the map. Control two or more zones to increase your team’s score and reach the points threshold to win.

Witness the beginning of the Northstar crew’s story

In addition to becoming familiar with the Northstar team through the game, you will also be able to see the beginning of their story. When you play the beta, you will be greeted with the first of our cinematic vignettes: short cinematic scenes that, when Concord releases, will be released every week in the game. When Early Access Beta launches and then when Open Beta begins, we’ll be introducing new in-game cinematic vignettes to give you a small taste of how the Northstar team’s stories will unfold each week.

Concord will be released for PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam and epic games store August 23.

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