obsidian entertainment He just released a new huge update for grounded. Update 1.2known as Super Duper update, includes various quality of life changes, over a hundred new items to craft, an all-new core feature to rest, and a new terrifying creature to fight with. Most importantly, update 1.2 introduces the titular new feature, the Super Duper Machine. Check all new content that a file contains grounded Super Duper 1.2 update is in store in a new trailer from Obsidian Entertainment’s official YouTube channel:

The nominal new feature of grounded update 1.2, Super duper, is a new piece of equipment that was installed at the Oak Lab. Players will find a Super Duper machine next time they visit BURG.L. This machine will allow players to copy certain equipment and items using Raw Science.

To use the Super Duper, players must find Spoof discs all over the yard. The first disc unlocks the functionality of the machine, while the following discs allow the player to clone equipment and higher-level items.

Among the other exciting additions in grounded Update 1.2 is new Basic comfort system. As of the last update, there are five total levels of base comfort that players should strive for. The buildings, furniture, and decorations add to the comfort level of the base.

For each new comfort level players reach, they can unlock new decorative building recipes, a useful base-building mutation, and new emotes. Being in a comfortable place will also give status effects, such as less hunger, less thirst quenching, and slower recovery. To help players into their bases and start working towards gaining those comfort levels, the Super Duper update is also getting closer 100 new crafting items.

grounded Update 1.2 also introduces a new friend, Helpful. Players can call on Handy Gnat to help with basic building plans. This mosquito will be able to build from storage near your kid using planks, stems and other resources from your stocks.

Turret improvements have also been implemented as part of the Super Duper update. Pebblet tower and pollen tower merged to become acorn tower. Horoscopes now featured Six different types of ammunition Players can switch between them without leaving the turret seat, and all ammunition can be stored in a chest next to the turret.

Those looking for a more challenging fight might look for hornet’s nest; and meet Wasp Queenthe newest creature in grounded Update 1.2. Players who successfully defeat these wasps will unlock new items to craft, including a new armor set and a new trinket to wear.

You can read more about the Super Duper update at www.superduper.com Official grounded website!

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