Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood has been revealed with a gameplay trailer

Cosmic Wheel Sistersa witch-themed narrative adventure from developer and publisher Deconstructeam Devolver Digital, it was just announced through an official reveal trailer. It sets up the premise, major conflicts, and gameplay mechanics.

Although no specific release date has been confirmed, Cosmic Wheel Sisters It is scheduled to be released sometime this year. It will be available on PC and Nintendo Switch, there is no word on support for other platforms. You can watch the full promo on the Devolver Digital YouTube channel:

Deconstructeam has created something very ambitious and psychedelic with it Cosmic Wheel Sisters. It feels calm and tragic, with stunning pixel art and music that has a very distinct artistic vision.

As a story-driven experience, the game’s themes can easily get caught up in their own depth. But today’s trailer seems to balance cosmic scope and sweeping emotion with remarkable fidelity. Its content also undoes some of the genre’s most common tropes.

Cosmic Wheel Sisters It may seem a little intimidating to newcomers in the genre, being invested in something so bleak. But there is no denying the sheer intrigue of her eye-catching visuals.

The divination card mechanics are also very clever. Stories are often built on player decisions, and giving players influence over the story by crafting cards is a novel approach. Although the trailer was busy creating a moody tone, the game official Steam page He notes that cards can be built from “hundreds of possibilities”, which would be a wonderful flexibility for the genre.

Devolver Digital has continued to expand recently, acquiring new studios such as doinksoft. Deconstructeam has released another successful narrative game, cyberpunk Red Strings Club.

You can read more about Cosmic Wheel SistersDevolver Digital, and other upcoming bogs by staying tuned to our news section.

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