During the months-long gap between Critical Role‘s campaigns two and three, the Dungeons & Dragons live-play show kept fans occupied with an eight-episode mini-campaign called Exandria Unlimited, run by Dungeon Master Aabria Iyengar. The group, dubbed the Crown Keepers, featured three regular Critical Role cast members and three new guest players, one of whom joined the main campaign for the first 14 episodes.

Robbie Daymond’s Bard character, Dorian Storm, followed Orym (Liam O’Brien) and Fearne (Ashley Johnson) from Tal’Dorei to Marquet. However, it wasn’t long before the mysterious Air Genasi’s past caught up to him. This came in the form of his troublesome older brother, Cyrus.

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Daymond had become such a regular part of the cast during the third campaign that fans began to wonder if he was set to be a permanent fixture on the set. Then, during episode 14, the trouble Dorian’s brother Cyrus had gotten himself into finally reached a boiling point, and the only option left was to get him out of Marquet. Since Cyrus seemed to have such a difficult time taking care of himself without making matters worse, the party’s current patron, Lord Ariks Eshteross, suggested Dorian escort Cyrus personally to ensure he didn’t get himself killed.

The airship in Lord Esteross’ employ would secretly carry the pair to Emon, but fans familiar with the events that transpired in EU are well aware that the Crown Keepers earned their name by making off with the priceless Vestige of Divergence, the Circlet of Barbed Vision. This action enraged Poska, leader of the Emon-based underground faction known as the Nameless Ones. She and her criminal organization chased the Crown Keepers to the edge of the city before a clever maneuver led to their quick getaway.

As the party traveled together, each of them struggled with the dark, twisted effects of the Spider Queen’s Circlet while she continually attempted to draw them into her web and tempt each of them to attune to it. Before all was said and done, party member Opal had no choice but to embrace the circlet’s power to save both the party and her twin sister, Ted. That was where the mini-campaign ended, and though Orym, Fearne and Dorian finally arrived in Marquet after traveling together for a year, the trio haven’t spoken much about what happened to Darius or Opal since campaign three started.

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At the end of episode 14 of campaign three, there was a show note reassuring fans that Robbie Daymond would return soon in a two-part episode of Exandria Unlimited, which also suggests the return of Iyengar, Darius (Matthew Mercer), Fyra’rai (Anjali Bhimani), Opal (Aimee Carrero) and Ted. Perhaps it will even feature the infamous Poska and her Nameless Ones. There was plenty of unfinished business at the end of EU, which leaves many threads dangling for exploration, including how Opal’s been affected by her use of the Circlet of Barbed Vision and what measures Poska is willing to take to reclaim the powerful crown she wanted for herself.

Though Critical Role has not yet revealed the date for the return to Tal’Dorei and the cast of Exandria Unlimited, one can only speculate what the two-part episode might contain. While it is entirely possible it will explore Dorian’s reunion with Opal and Darius, there is also a chance it could include Fearne and Orym and explore some of that missing gap from the year they traveled together after the main story. Regardless of the content, fans excitedly await Exandria Unlimited‘s return.

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