the Daily crossword Available as a mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. It has become a popular crossword puzzle app due to its regular crossword offerings and difficulty level (not too easy, not too hard, in general). They release a new crossword every day, every day of the year, each crossword has a topic and hints are allowed if the answer contains a more obscure word. This post is shared by everyone Answers to the daily crossword Posted in May 17, 2023.

Daily themed crossword puzzle solving guide

Here are all the answers to crossword puzzles that have been posted recently. You can check out our Daily Crossword Answers Guide for our additional coverage. Click/tap on the appropriate clue to get the answer. We did it this way so that if you’re just looking for a handful of clues, it won’t mess up the other clues you’re working on!

  • Outlet device, in short
  • Yosemite ___, the Looney Tunes ‘rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ man
  • ___ years (break from studies)
  • As opposed to “leave” in short
  • “Band of Brothers” Network: Abbr.
  • “bearded” primrose
  • “Also this ___”
  • Goofy, say
  • Casino city in Nevada
  • ___ as a whistle (completely legal)
  • “This is ___ straw!”
  • “___ News,” a sitcom starring Andrea Martin about a fictional news station
  • “No ___, and, or but!”
  • Suffixed with “Power” for Microsoft Presentation software
  • Yoko who sang “Walking on Thin Ice”
  • ___ Lipa, singer of “Don’t Start Now”
  • Being Mary ___, TV series starring Gabrielle Union whose protagonist is a news anchor
  • A wise person…or a wise herb
  • ___ a white omelette
  • Abbreviation “S” in PST
  • He sank his teeth into it
  • bundle of straw
  • message before “beta”
  • Joseph who co-founded Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream
  • “Sports___,” a TV series starring Josh Charles about a fictional sports news show
  • cashier drawer
  • Frozen drink with a frozen name
  • “Type ___,” a TV series starring Katie Stevens whose protagonist is a journalist
  • ___ & Tina Turner (musical duo)
  • ___ Fedi (authentic)
  • Goodbye Italian!
  • “happy year!”
  • ___ Flanders, Homer Simpson’s sworn enemy
  • Ernie ___, 19-time PGA Tour winner
  • Which device can one roll over?
  • top of the bottle
  • Symmetrical constellation with two vowels
  • ___ Claus (Santa’s wife)
  • mattress cover
  • The word magician before “cadabra”
  • The TV series “The ___ Show” starring Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell is about a fictional news show
  • The 80’s sitcom “The Golden ___” stars Betty White
  • The square footage of the apartment, for example
  • Bowling alley goals
  • The usual drunk
  • Part of a play
  • Back muscle, informally
  • The farm animal whose son is called “Baby”
  • The strong exterior of the Orange car
  • opposite friend
  • Sleepwear, for a while
  • under ___ (swear to tell the truth)
  • Due date news reporter
  • “the duck ___”
  • You get older and older
  • A little flair, for example
  • A sandwich with three main ingredients: Abbr.
  • Will Smith series “The Fresh Prince of ___- Air”
  • ___ off schedule (before the scheduled date)
  • The book that was completely planned out?
  • pen tip
  • Pop music ___, era-defining celebrities
  • genetic unit
  • “What can ___?”: 2 wds.
  • letters
  • You need french fries

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