The following contains major spoilers for Reckless #5, available now from Marvel Comics.

Matt Murdock has made many enemies over his decades-long superhero career, but none have posed the same kind of threat as the ancient and immortal forces of The Hand. While Daredevil and his allies have faced The Hand countless times before, their next confrontation will determine the fate of the entire world. Fortunately, Daredevil’s army has just been given the powers they’ll need to carry out the battle, though they may prove more hindrance than help.

After spending countless hours recruiting followers and preparing the next steps in his war against The Hand, the titular hero of Reckless #5 (by Chip Zdarsky, Rafael De Latorre, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Clayton Cowles) may finally start to see a genuine payoff for all his hard work. In fact, all of the members of The Fist can, as all of them have been miraculously granted impossible strength at the very least. As Matt explains, the abilities granted to members of The Fist are something of a godsend. While this certainly gives The Fist an advantage they previously lacked, it seems like almost all of them are just looking at the situation in the best of terms, and that could be what kills them all.

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Daredevil’s Army Getting Powers Could Kill Them

In The Hand’s first appearance in 1981 Reckless #174 by Frank Miller, a trio of his best assassins terrorized Matt and his allies at the behest of Wilson Fisk. Not only did they leave him unable to hear or feel, they nearly wiped out his closest friends in the process. Thankfully, Daredevil survived that initial encounter, and surprisingly, has continued to do so in the years since. For The Hand, however, death is not something to worry about openly, as they regularly practice necromancy in various forms to keep their ranks filled with less than fresh blood.

This makes it all the more important that The Fist fight on equal terms with his sworn enemies, and that they understand exactly what they’re up against. The Hand don’t simply die when they’re knocked down in battle, and even when they do, it’s only a matter of time before they’re brought back or replaced. Considering the amount of death and destruction The Hand has previously spread and continues to spread, its influence is one that cannot be quelled by overwhelming force alone. This is precisely what makes The Fist being given powers overnight so dangerous, as with only trust on their side, they are almost certainly doomed.

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The Fist’s new status quo complicates Daredevil’s leadership

daredevil 5 unnatural

This isn’t to say that Matt, Elektra, and their own former mentor Stick aren’t able or willing to train The Fist’s warriors in how to properly use their abilities, just that there’s little to nothing they can do. to impress them how disappointing they are in the big picture. Superhuman strength and agility are merely a means to alleviate the large power gap between The Fist and The Hand, but they by no means close that gap entirely.

That at least one of Daredevil’s new recruits can see some inherent problems with his new powers is a good sign that not all members of The Fist are thrilled with their current circumstances. The fact that he is more concerned with where these powers come from than how to use them effectively, on the other hand, is a sign that even the most self-aware of them don’t understand the gravity of the situation. Hopefully Daredevil will figure out how to deliver that lesson without reducing morale to zero, otherwise the most important battle of his life will truly be lost before he even begins.


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