Dark Tide Penances It can be a bit mysterious at first, as you’ll receive points seemingly out of nowhere when you’re butting heads in Tertium. You’ll get a lot of these points if your Emperor quests go well, but what are they? Can they be spent on something?

If you’ve been successful in clearing Pox Walkers out of the Tertium underground, then you’ll no doubt have a small fortune of Penance points at your disposal. There are multiple forms of currency in co-op play, with gold perhaps the most useful of all, as it allows you to buy some of the best Darktide weapons in the arsenal, but what can you spend your Penance points on?

What are the Penances of the Dark Tide?

Darktide Penances are challenges in the multiplayer game, including things like killing a certain number of enemies to increase relationships with the characters on the ship. Certain Penances will grant you items and weapons, and all will deposit Penance points in your inventory upon completion.

There are six different types of Dark Tide Penances:

  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Mission
  • Equipment
  • Class
  • Bill

The objectives of each of these different types of Penances will vary, with Offensive Penances being largely based on killing a certain number of enemies, while Team Penances revolve around working together and reviving your teammates. equipment.

What are Darktide Penance Points?

Darktide Penance points are there for bragging rights, and that’s it for now. Consider them as a marker of your FPS game experience; the yardstick to measure yourself with your friends. Points cannot be spent and do not unlock anything in the game. There is no current information on whether Penance points will be used in the future for anything other than an indication of your Darktide mastery.

Now that you know what Darktide Penances are, make sure you’re up to date with each of the Darktide classes and check out our Darktide crossplay guide to see if you can get your console friends involved.


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