Deathverse: Let It Die is remade into a new game that combines LET IT DIE and Deathverse, but is mainly LET IT DIE

Supertrick Games, the studio behind Deathverse: Let him die and LET HIM DIEThey are currently in the process of redoing death verse in a completely new third game that combines the best elements of both games, director Hideyuki Shin said in a developer diary published today.

“We are redoing death verse Currently, and the development is going very well,” Shin said. “We’re making good progress.”

Shin continued: “So in the past we launched LET HIM DIE and death verse. This time, our goal is to create a game that will satisfy both fans of LET HIM DIE and death verse.”

When asked if this new title will be “a half-hearted game” meant to please fans of either game, Shin said, “No, it’s not.”

Shin explained: “To be specific, with death verse, we created a game focused on player versus player, but there were many things that we believed could be improved. After considering them, we decided to make a game that, like LET HIM DIE, has a clear gameplay loop that you repeat many times, but also allows you to fight against other players. We’re trying to take the fun parts of both games to create something new.

“In short, it will be a roguelike exploration game that will include both cooperative mode and player versus player mode.

“The good parts of LET HIM DIE. Actually, more precisely you will use LET HIM DIE as a foundation on which to build.”

Asked if that means this is let him die 2, Shin said it is not. So let him die 3?

“If I had to choose, I’d say it’s closer,” Shin joked. “He is a 3 either 4…somewhere out there.”

As for what kind of game it would be, Shin confirmed that it is still an action game. A “leaked” (not actually leaked) screenshot of the project was also shown.

“I would like viewers to feel that the atmosphere in this screenshot is a little different from our previous works,” Shin said in reference to the dark atmospheres of LET HIM DIE and Deathverse: Let him die.

Asked how much this new game costs. LET HIM DIE versus how much it is Deathverse: Let him die, Shin said, “As a ratio, would you say 7 to 3? Or 8 to 2? So LET HIM DIE takes the largest portion.”

Check out the full developer diary below.

Developer Diary #10

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