publisher Shiro Unlimited Provide some exciting details about the upcoming horror adventure game rich in stories, Waiver.

Developed by Qatar Development Bank AtelierAnd decarnatioN challenges players to solve hidden puzzles, fight annoying enemies, explore a fantasy world of dreams and nightmares, and confront terrifying monsters. It boasts an intensely emotional story that unfolds in a sinister and elaborate setting.

Waiver will be available at May 31 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch to $14.99 / €14.99 / £13.49. Today Shiro Unlimited also shared that Akira Yamaokathe famous composer behind the icon silent hill series, may have contributed 10 tracks to Waiver soundtrack, while maintaining his signature style of haunting melodies and eerie atmosphere. Shiro Unlimited believes Yamaoka’s music is a perfect complement to the game’s horror theme.

Silent Hill’s aesthetic and mood have played an important role in shaping my creative work on Decarnation. Therefore, getting help from the talented and generous teacher Yamaoka-san is a great honor.

The condescension includes elements of Japanese culture, which makes Yamaoka-san’s participation all the more wholesome. His instrumental compositions are a mixture of truly impressive instrumental, mechanical and organic sounds. Besides the primary composer, Corentin Brasart, we never tire of listening to Yamaoka-san’s creations. Even after nearly 25 years since the first Silent Hill game, Yamaoka-san still reigns supreme as the creative mastermind.

Shiro Unlimited

Waiver It explores the contrast between the limitations of combat in the physical realm and the unconscious landscape. It is inspired by the best action-adventure and horror games, as well as cult films such as Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Waiver It is a promising title that combines all the important elements of the psychological horror genre and presents them in the traditional 2D role-playing style.

You can add Waiver for you steam Wishlists are now notified when they become available. For those who want to check out some of the game’s features, a demo version is also available.

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