Demonologist, the co-op horror game that allows four players to identify and exorcise evil spirits, has revealed an important update, version 0.4.0. currently in Early access on SteamWith a free demo available, the game offers players an immersive experience of teaming up to fight against supernatural entities in different cursed locations.

the 0.4.0 update It brings a bunch of additions to the game, most notably the introduction of the Kurosawa House map. This new map offers a new environment for players to explore and participate in ghost hunting endeavors. Along with this, upper floors were added to the “Abandoned House and Lighthouse”, expanding the playable areas.

Image: Clock Wizard Games

The bending mechanism has been implemented, and new radio music has been added for ambiance. There are also new safe house customizations, and a brand new safe house has been introduced. In addition, dead players now have the ability to select and remove ghost evidence, although they still cannot choose the ghost itself. A blacklist feature was also added, allowing players to automatically kick others out of their lobby, though this feature resets when the lobby is closed.

The developers have also made many modifications and improvements to the game. Players can now use voice chat when the tablet is open, and the lighting in the Lighthouse has been revamped for a better visual experience.

In addition to these updates, several issues have been addressed and fixed. These include translation issues, infinite search glitches, flashlight switching issues, font identification issues with notes, invisible hospital collisions, some Cyclone Street collision issues, reading notes audio problem, IK hand drawing board problem, and some safe points in Maps, and some settings issues.

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