Image: Epic Games

Fall Guys wouldn’t really be an Epic Games property unless every IP under the sun was gradually introduced to it in the form of cosmetic items. On top of Sonic, star trek, Alien and the newly released doctor who collections, the studio has now announced that Street Fighter will be the next franchise to get the wobbly treatment.

Shared in a blog post about the game Official site, the team announced that a collection of Street Fighter-themed merchandise would be landing at the Blunderdome store tomorrow. Yes, you will get to see what it’s like to face a wild obstacle course as Ryu, Cammy or Akuma, finally!

The collection will also bring with it new emotes: bean striking the Hadouken pose, anyone? – as well as game-related nicknames and retro pixel art nameplates.

What item are you hoping to pick up first? Make your way to the comments to let us know!


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