Destiny 2 Chamber of Starlight no enemies bug – Fixes


The Chamber of Starlight is a Lost Sector in The Dreaming City in Destiny 2. It is a part of the Legendary Lost Sector rotation, meaning that when errors occur, it’s even more frustrating as it can prevent you from earning your Exotic loot. One such issue is the Chamber of Starlight no enemies bug in Destiny 2. Here’s how to fix it.

How to fix the Destiny 2 Chamber of Starlight no enemies bug

While no enemies sounds like a dream in most cases, it’s a real pain in Destiny 2 Legendary Lost Sectors because to unlock the Cache at the end, you must defeat Elite foes. Which you obviously can’t do if they don’t show up!

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There are a handful of potential fixes for the Destiny 2 Chamber of Starlight no enemies bug, though your mileage may vary depending on what’s causing the issue.

  • Leave the Lost Sector—If you haven’t tried this already, leave the Chamber of Starlight and re-enter and see if the enemies spawn in.
  • Kill all enemies—If you see an enemy or two, kill them and leave the room. Enter again and see if the correct amount respawns in.
  • Return to Orbit—An obvious one, but try returning to Orbit and reloading the Lost Sector, as refreshing the instance can fix it.
  • Restart Destiny 2—If none of the above fixes the problem, restart your game and see if that works.
  • Restart your router—As a last resort, restart your internet router. No enemies appearing has been linked to connection issues for some players, so this may resolve the problem.

If the Chamber of Starlight no enemies bug still persists, visit the Bungie Support page and file a support ticket. Make sure you list all the methods you tried to fix the error as that will help them to narrow down the issue faster.

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