Season 21 of Destiny 2 brings a game A large number of updates Aimed at strengthening the Hunter class. Although Hunter Supers generally excel in high-level PvE gameplay, some of them underperform in their intended combat roles. To address this, Bungie has increased the PvE damage of the Golden Gun (Marksman and Deadshot) and Arc Staff by 20%. Spectral Blades, a historically underperforming tool, received a 35% increase in PvE damage, a severe attack weakening effect, and a bug fix that addresses attacks that fail to connect to their maximum attack speed.

The Gathering Storm has been tweaked to better reward player accuracy in the Crucible, particularly in Super vs. The update includes an increase in direct impact damage from 200 to 300, lightning damage delay from 300 to 500, stuck lightning tick damage from 40 to 60, and a damage boost against the Well of Radiance and Ward of Dawn.

Strand, the newest type of damage, is evaluated in the live game. Season 21 introduces tweaks to base cooldown times and improvements to pain points observed since Lightfall launched. The Thread Hunter ability Spike has been tweaked, including a 30% increase in projectile range, a 55% increase in PvE fighter damage, and energy gain to catch arrows based on the number of enemies hit. In addition, the arrow’s speed has been slightly reduced to make it easier to catch, it now penetrates Cabal Phalanx shields, and prioritizes the grabbing action over melee when the enemy target is within melee range.

Stasis subclasses have undergone a series of tuning changes across Seasons 14 and 15. Season 21 revisits these changes, updating certain fixed abilities and aspects to better align with the current landscape. Hunter’s Withering Blade saw a 20% increase in projectile tracking range when bouncing against players and a 12.5% ​​increase in max tracking power.

Season 21 also focuses on general tuning of the Light subclasses, specifically targeting the Nightstalker and Gunslinger’s fighting abilities. Snare Bomb’s PvE double duration has been doubled to eight seconds to support offensive playstyles and assist allies. The Explosive Proximity Knife, Weighted Throwing Knife, and Lightweight Knife have all been modified to bring them into the expected power range. Explosive proximity knife blast damage reduced from 105 to 90, collision damage increased from 14 to 20. Weighted Throwing Knife trace shape size reduced for mouse and keyboard inputs, with a 25% decrease in minimum trace shape size and a 10% reduction At the maximum size of the trace shape. Lightweight knife projectile speed increased from 30 meters per second to 40 meters per second, tracer shape size increased by 20%.

Finally, the Gunpowder Gamble’s cooldown has been reduced from 12 seconds to 6 seconds, giving hunters an additional fragmentation slot and expanding its usability. With these sweeping changes, Season 21 promises to elevate the Hunter class in Destiny 2.

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