Destiny 2: Lightfall releases update and trailer for Guardian Games 2023

Bungie announced for the first time 2 per pot New Guardian games with all the details last week, and now they officially launch today with a brand new overview. The return of the Guardian games will be free for all players, including Supremacy, Crucible matchmaking, Strike Rivals, and more. Players will compete in their preferred class until May 23, 2023.

Destiny 2 Available now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. You can watch the full Guardian Games 2023 trailer on the official Destiny 2 YouTube channel:

Bungie has always been successful with PvP content, so Guardian games are always a welcome and warm addition. It tends to feel more fluid and strategic than some of the more basic adventures in the core gameplay, making for a shorter, more intense experience. PvP and the different classes also create more unpredictability than the encounters designed by the developers.

In fact, gamers who wouldn’t normally be interested in RPG elements were often turned into fans by the previous Guardians games. Variety of limited time make the game more easy.

It’s also fun to learn how to make a Saucepan Classes engage in this type of objective-based gameplay. Although some fans have been frustrated about balancing them, which can sometimes cause some modes to run more smoothly than others.

The cosmetic trinkets and bonuses are good enough, and the new Legendary Scout Rifle is a standout. But the events (and bragging rights) are the real prize, with the race to win back-to-back gold medals. Fortunately, Strike recording is back. Despite a few minor flaws, it balances the gameplay, and is a fun way to reward strong skills.

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