Diablo 4 – How to Fix Error Code 315306 ‘Unable to Find Valid License’


Though Diablo 4 is nearing its release in June 2023, several players around the globe are experiencing the game for a short period beforehand through the Beta Server Slam event launching Today. It is a limited-time event conducted by Blizzard Entertainment that allows players to have a peek inside the core game and simultaneously test the load capacity of the Diablo 4 servers before the complete launch. While the event is welcoming, many players around the globe are currently facing Error Code 315306 – ‘Unable to Find Valid License’ upon launching the Diablo 4 Client, preventing them from experiencing the game. So, if you are a player or user with Beta access to Diablo 4 and facing the same prescribed error, keep reading the article to fix the issue at hand.

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How to solve Error Code 315306 ‘Unable to Find Valid License.’

Unfortunately, unlike other errors like Error Code 316703 or Alt-Tab problem, there is no fix for the 315306 – ‘Unable to Find Valid License.’ The main reason behind this is that the error is related to the unavailability of the Diablo 4 server itself, and it has nothing to do with the user client or their network type. So, just be patient with the servers and wait for them to make a return. Meanwhile, I highly recommend you check the timing of the Server Slam event in your country and the server status with your other friends who have Beta Access. On that note, If the servers are live and running for your friends, visit the Blizzard Support Desk and file a ticket immediately to resolve your issue.

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