The Diablo 4 team, led by General Manager Rod Ferguson, Associate Game Director Joseph Bibora, Director of Product Management Keegan Clarke, and Associate Director of Community Adam Fletcher, recently delivered a comprehensive update for the game’s Season 1, Battle Pass, and Long Run. progress. In a live stream that aired on May 10, 11AM PDT, they shared important details about how Diablo IV’s Seasons, Cosmetics, and Battle Pass work.

Photo: Blizzard

Diablo 4 Season 1, which is set to launch in mid-to-late July, will include a new gameplay mechanic that will only be available throughout the season. To keep the game fresh and exciting, this mechanic will be retired once the season ends and replaced with a new one for the next season. As part of each season’s offerings, the developers plan to offer unique items that will become permanent fixtures in the game after the end of the season.

The team also highlighted seasonal missions, which are a self-contained narrative that guides players through the mechanics of the season. It’s worth noting that these won’t be campaign extensions, but rather stand-alone stories possibly offered as open world side missions. The Seasonal Journey will return from Diablo 3, offering players objectives linked to new mechanics that will reward item stashes, Legendary Aspects, and a Battle Pass, the latter equivalent to Battle Pass experience/levels.

The Diablo 4 livestream also revealed that the game will feature a battle pass system with 27 free levels and 63 premium levels. Earning Battle Passes, either by completing the Journey or simply playing the seasonally themed game, will allow players to level up. The Premium Battle Pass will cost $10, but an accelerated version with 20 additional levels and an additional cosmetic item will be available for $25.

Image of the Diablo Season 4 rewards battle pass
Photo: Blizzard

The Battle Pass system will also introduce Burning Ashes, a new feature that can be used to apply buffs to seasonal characters, such as improving rare item drop rates, experience gained, and gold earned. All items that affect gameplay or play buffs will only be available from the Free Battle Pass, ensuring that there is no “pay for strength” element.

Image of Diablo 4 season blessed
Photo: Blizzard

Long-term progression was another focal point of Diablo 4’s livestream. Crucially, players will only have to complete the campaign once, with all future characters able to skip it. Lilith Altars, which provide permanent stat boosts, will only need to be collected once and will apply to all characters from now on. The livestream also confirmed the extensive customization options Diablo 4 will offer, with hundreds of transmitters unlocked by rescue equipment and all equipment dyeable.

By answering some queries during the Q&A session, the team explained that in hardcore mode, player versus player (PvP) fatalities will result in permanent death. The stand, a major feature of the game, will unlock around level 30, depending on the player’s style. The game will also feature unlockable mounts, trophies, and titles obtained through achievements.

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