I love when a game has a friendly and cooperative community that comes together to share their experiences and ideas, and Disney Dreamlight Valley shines in this field. The developers constantly keep tabs on their Twitter and Discord communities and listen to our feedback and wants for the game. In their upcoming Update 5, players will finally get one item they have wanted for a while now: Umbrellas!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 5 promises usable Umbrellas

One of the great features of Disney Dreamlight Valley is the dynamic weather and time. The sun will rise and set, and the clouds may form and let loose rain over the Valley. Players may have noticed a lot more rain lately, and this could be because of the Spring season or a tease of the new Umbrellas they will receive soon in the upcoming update.

If you’re a suckler for immersive gameplay like me, you’ve probably been longing for some realistic concept to shield your player from the downpour of rain that can happen at random times and somehow never get your player wet. With the welcoming of the Umbrellas, we can finally have a little bit of that immersive Roleplay relief, allowing our players to wield different colored Umbrellas to shelter them from the rain or perhaps even the sun.

Though we have yet to receive further news about what kind of Umbrellas we will see or how they will work, whether equipping them as clothes or tools, we can at least expect plenty of different styles. According to the small print at the bottom of their teaser video, some Umbrella styles may only be available for purchase in the Shop. This may also mean we might be able to design our own styles as we have with other clothing pieces.

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We don’t have a set release date for Update 5, but there has been speculation that we will see it during the early Summer of 2023, so hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for more goodies to show up. What are your hopes and wishes for the Umbrellas? Let us know in the comments below!

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