Disney Pixel RPG Mickey Mouse is an 8-bit adventure coming to mobile

Developer-publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has revealed Disney Pixel RPG, an upcoming 8-bit adventure from Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Genie AladdinFrom Baymax Big Hero 6, and many more beloved characters. It will launch in Japan on iOS and Android devices this September and is expected to be released in other regions of the world at a later date.

According to the game website, a Disney pixel RPG featuring merging worlds, fast-paced strategic battles (with simple controls and auto-play functionality for mobile), customization for your own avatar character, and story quests that allow you to send pixelated Disney characters. In missions to collect items and more. While players in Japan can pre-register for the Disney Pixel RPG ahead of the game’s release on September 9th, there’s no word on whether other regions will be able to pre-register anytime soon.

“The game world that these Disney characters call home is suddenly invaded by strange events and is beginning to fall apart,” the story description reads on the game’s website. “These previously separate game worlds have merged, throwing all characters into chaos. Take on the role of a player in this game and join Disney characters as you embark on an epic quest across multiple game worlds to restore order.”

The game list on Apple’s App Store is free-to-play but contains microtransactions.

Here’s a look at the game’s combat:

And here’s a look at the game’s avatar customization:

The Disney Pixel RPG will launch in Japan on iOS and Android on September 9, 2024. No word on when to expect it in other regions of the world.

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