Since the release of early access for Disney Speedstorm on Nintendo Switch last month, many gamers have reported that Mike Wazowski of Monsters Inc. He is one of the strongest runners in the game. His ability to create doors on the track and teleport forward, while sending opponents backwards, has led to numerous wins and a dominant presence in online matches. Thus, high-level multiplayer races are often filled with mics, prompting Gameloft Barcelona to undercut the character.

However, the studio has stated that Mike’s popularity is primarily due to the game’s first season having a Monsters Inc. theme. , causing players to level Mike up more quickly. Gameloft has addressed players’ concerns about Mike Wazowski being too powerful and their calls to intervene in the Q&A section of the official website. In short, the developers have no plans to make changes to the character but will “continue to monitor the situation”.

Gameloft explained in their statement that Mike Wazowski can be unlocked early for all players and that upgrade parts are readily available through the Golden Pass. As a result, many players chose Mike as their favorite racer in the early stages of the game’s release. The developers believe that as players upgrade other racers to match Mike’s level, they will see other racers and racer categories become top picks, resulting in a more balanced gameplay experience and a more diverse pool of racers on the winner’s podium.

Here is the full quote from the latter Community pit stops on May 4th:

Racer Mike Wazowski is unlockable early on for all players. With upgrade parts readily available to him via the Golden Pass, Mike was a favored choice for many players at this early stage in the game’s release. While we understand that Racer Mike is very popular with gamers, we want to make sure that everyone can experience racing with the many Disney and Pixar racers. We’ve also noticed that Mike appears frequently in ranked Multiplayer with a high win rate.

As players upgrade other racers to match Mike’s level, we should see racer classes and other racers become top picks for players to compete with. Additionally, as more players unlock, upgrade, and become comfortable with more racer and racer classes, we expect to see a naturally balanced gameplay experience and a more diverse set of racers on the winner’s podium. We will continue to monitor the situation and update players.

Gameloft assures players that they will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as needed, ensuring that Disney Speedstorm delivers a fun and fair experience for everyone.

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