For the Pay It Forward mission, you’ll be tasked to acquire the Defective Dog Bank from the Scavenger and then deliver it to the Koschei Complex Shopkeeper. Follow this guide if you’re having trouble with this Shadow Company faction challenge in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ.

Pay It Forward DMZ Mission Walkthrough

  • Barter for the Defective Dog Bank from the Scavenger.
  • Deliver the Defective Dog Bank to the Shopkeeper’s dead drop in Koschei Complex.
  • Extract the Classified Konni Intel.

How to get the Defective Dog Bank in DMZ

First, you’ll need to acquire a Disguise and a Bronze Dog Tag. Deploy into a DMZ map, preferably Al Mazrah, and kill the squad spawning next to you. Pick up one of the dead operator’s Dog Tags and leave the others. If there’s no Bronze Dog Tag, you’ll have to eliminate some other player or team. Leaving the remaining teammates’ Dog Tags will trigger the Scavenger to spawn after a short while.

Wherever the commander spawns, you’ll see a Deployable Buy Station icon as shown on the map above. I’d say keep checking the tac map every once in a while for this indicator (ignore the one at Zaya Observatory). Go to the Scavenger’s Deployable Buy Station and equip Disguise to access it. In the barter menu, trade for the Defective Dog Bank with the previously collected Bronze Dog Tag.

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Where to Deliver the Defective Dog Bank – Shopkeeper’s Dead Drop Location

After acquiring the Defective Dog Bank, you need to extract to the Koschei Complex bunker via any of the four entrances you prefer. Make your way to the Chemical Plant, find the Factory Admin Key, and unlock the Factory Admin section in the north of the bunker. Alternatively, you can access this section via the secret DRD or Barracks doors via the Oasis or Taraq Bridge entrances.

Once inside Factory Admin, go to the Shopkeeper and transfer the Defective Dog Bank into the dead drop as I’ve shown in the above image. Close the dead drop and you’ll receive the Classified Konni Intel documents in return. Stow the documents into your backpack and exfil from the Koschei Complex to finish the Pay It Forward mission.

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