Dota 2 players are in for a treat as the New Frontiers update brings a host of changes, including a new map, game updates, and many other improvements. The update features a greatly expanded Dota map, with 40% more terrain and completely remastered main forests. These changes are designed to open up new strategic possibilities and opportunities for resource gathering.

Roshan, the formidable neutral monster, has moved to two new holes in the northwest and southeast corners of the map. Players will find it cistern than ever before, with loot changing depending on which hole it’s in. In addition, two portals now connect the corners of the map, allowing teleportation from one edge to the other.

Players can now find Lotus Pools on the map, which spawn fruits that grant HP and mana. These fruits can be combined into larger and more valuable versions as the game progresses. New neutral creep camps, Tormentors, spawn near each base after 20 minutes, offering Aghanim’s Shards as a reward for defeating them. Watchers also appear for the first time, giving them a view of specific areas when activated.

Other new features include Defender’s Gates, which act as backdoors to bases; Runes of Wisdom, which grant XP boosts when collected; and Shield Runes, which provide a barrier based on the hero’s maximum health. The expanded map also includes 12 new creep camps and two new outposts, providing more strategic options for players.

The update introduces big gameplay changes as well, such as a new Universal hero trait type, a reworked Black King bar, and revised neutral item drops. Creeps are neutral and their abilities will now expand over time, and the kill formula has been changed to make killing early in the game more impactful. In addition, the duration of almost every deactivation in the game has been reduced, allowing players to actively spend more time playing their heroes.

Hero highlights

  1. Muerta
  • Captain mode has been added
  • He received the scepter of sheep and its fragment
  • Dead Bullet: Reduced fear ricochet duration
  • Contact: the duration of silence decreased, the duration decreased
  • Pierce the Veil: Now upgradeable with Shard Aegim
  • Parting Shot: A new ability granted by the Sheep Scepter
  1. clinks
  • Increase base damage
  • Increase base strength
  • The Incendiary Arrows ability has been removed
  • Strafe: A new basic ability
  • Tar Bomb: New basic ability
  • Death Pact: Now a basic ability, with changes
  • Skeletal Walk: Now an absolute ability, with changes
  • Flaming Barrage: Now grant him Shard Sheep
  1. Arch Warden
  • All Tempest Double abilities have been replaced with ‘Tempest’ versions of Arc Warden abilities
  • Flux: The Tempest version has a higher damage but lower movement speed penalty
  • Magnetic Field: Tempest Edition provides additional bonuses
  • Spark Wraith: Tempest Edition contains changes to activation delay, Wraith movement speed, slow duration, and damage
  1. Magi ogre
  • The primary attribute has been changed to strength
  • Increased strength gain
  • Al Qaeda intelligence declined
  • Decreased intelligence gain
  • Dumb Luck: A new innate ability
  • Fireblast: Stun duration reduced
  • Unrefined Fireblast: Stun duration reduced
  1. Medusa
  • Al Qaeda’s strength has declined
  • Decreased strength gain
  • Increase the acquisition of intelligence
  • Mystic Snake: Mana cost decreased, Scepter base duration decreased
  • Mana Shield: Ability has been reworked
  • Stone look: the duration of the stone shape decreased
  1. alchemist
  • Acid Spray: Cast point improved, cooldown reduced, mana cost reduced, duration reduced, damage per second increased
  • Unstable Link: The maximum stun duration has been reduced
  • Greevil’s Greed: Now an innate ability
  • Corrosive Weapons: New primary passive ability
  • Chemical Rage: Increased extra health regeneration

new items

  • blood bomb
  • Crown
  • Galore
  • Paves
  • Phylactery
  • Runaways
  • distracted

New neutrals

  • Fencing Gloves (Level 1)
  • Spark of Courage (Level 1)
  • Soul Stone (Level 2)
  • Bow mantle (level 2)
  • Tempest Storm (level 3)
  • Arcane Vortex (Level 4)
  • The Eldritch Tommy (Level 4)

This update aims to bring a new experience to Dota 2 players, with new strategies and gameplay dynamics to explore. The full list of changes can be found at Official patch notes.

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