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Developer Techland Officially released dying light 2‘s Refresh gut feeling. Among the significant new features that this update brings are the new transmission feature, weapon crafting system, and Viral Rush event, among others. Take a look at the exciting content of dying light 2Gut Feeling updated in a new trailer from Dying Light official Youtube channel:

Techland also introduced the new model Hajj outpost, an in-game and online hub for players to activate rewards, track community events, and receive Pilgrim Tokens. Players can spend these tokens at the new Pilgrim Outpost and purchase unique and exclusive weapons, outfits, and amulets.

One of the highlights of dying light 2The Gut Feeling update is what’s new Gear Transmog A feature that allows players to keep their best stats and research with the new appearance slot. In addition, players will now be able to control their gear thanks to the new Weapon crafting system. When players explore the city, they may get it charts Can be used to increase weapon stats with each level. Players may also receive blueprints through rewards.

dying light 2‘s “Viral Rush” event will start today, April 20thand it will end in May 4 at 16:00 pm CET. During this event, players will need to improve their fighting and night skills to survive as more roaming and angry viruses will be spread. Below are the rewards players may earn by participating in it dying light 2“Viral Rush” event:

Participation goal:

  • Divide at least one virus
    • prize:
      • one symbol
      • One pilgrim symbol
      • One hunter icon
      • One Harper Code

TGG Post Goal:

  • Divide at least 100 viruses
    • prize:
      • Weapon ax + blueprint

Personal goal:

  • Divide at least 1000 viruses
    • prize:
      • Raheem costume + Raheem glider

TGG Global Goal:

  • Chop up at least 80,000,000 Virals

Several changes and improvements to the game have also been implemented along with the release of the Gut Feeling update, which you can read more about at Official dying light website.

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