England vs Sri Lanka: Rain delays 3rd ODI as England win series by goals in Leicester | Cricket news

Rain has delayed the start of the third ODI between England and Sri Lanka in Leicester as Heather Knight’s side look to cruise to a 2-0 win.

England won the series opener in Durham on Saturday in comprehensive style, bowling out Sri Lanka for 106, with fast bowlers Mahika Gaur and Loren Fyler each taking three wickets on debut before reaching their target with a massive 32 overs.

The hosts also dominated Sri Lanka once again at Northampton on Tuesday, reducing the tourists to 106-9 in 30.5 minutes before the match-ruining rain arrived, meaning England head into today’s match with just a 1-0 lead.

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Watch highlights from England’s seven-wicket win over Sri Lanka in the first ODI, with debutants Mahika Gower and Lauren Fyler taking three wickets each

Filer, Charlie Dean and all-rounder Alice Davidson-Richards took three wickets each in the second ODI.

The rain is set to subside in Leicester, with 5.08pm the latest kick-off time.

Winfield Hill: Weiler offers something different for England

Filer has been a star with ball in hand during this ODI series and is England’s batsman and Sky Sports pundit Lauren Winfield-Hill believes the young pacer brings something different to England’s attack.

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Lauren Winfield-Hill discusses what it’s like to face 22-year-old Lauren Filer and highlights her strengths as she becomes one of England’s premier bowlers

“Feiler brings something different, extra speed. Everyone is excited about the extra speed and it’s more difficult for a hitter to go up against,” Winfield Hill said.

“It also hides the ball when it’s running into the goal, so it’s harder to catch, as it’s rushing at you. It comes at you faster than you expect.”

The third and final ODI is being broadcast live on Sky Sports Cricket. Also stream on now.

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