Epic Games is asking Fortnite data miners not to share skin release dates


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Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite is one of the biggest and most successful live service titles to date, making leaks produce a popular commodity among fans. This leads to a whole community of people looking to get the info out as fast as possible and it looks like Epic Games has finally had enough.

according to popularity Fortnite Data miner and content creator Epic Games through ITalk has begun reaching out to creators and asking them not to share release dates for the skin any longer. Although they didn’t show the email, ITalk specifically mentions only release dates and not the actual figures themselves.

This comes after a recent leak of weeks of item shops popping up online spoiling the work of Epic artists who spent who knows how much time crafting those skins. Thankfully, none of the biggest data miners have shared the leaks or what was in them, but Epic Games seems to have taken notice. The developer is clearly not happy and has put his foot down, but it’s not clear how serious this notice is.

For all intents and purposes, Epic has been pretty lenient when it comes to skin leaks, events, and just about everything else on Twitter. The fact that the developer has finally made a clear notice and put a stop to it after more than five years of leaks is at least a clear sign of a breach of trust. It is unclear if there will be consequences to these actions.

Many have taken to ITalk responses to say so The community will share it anyway, but this is coming from a perspective that has not faced DMCA action. If Epic Games were going to go to extremes like Warner Bros. MultiVersusMiners can see their posts or remove entire accounts from Twitter on a simple legal request. This alone will likely break the game’s leaked community.

The fact that she has been so lenient so far was a show of confidence and this message seems to be a warning to the community who abused it.


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