Eresys, a Lovecraftian co-op horror game, is now available in Early Access


Eresys, an online/offline horror game inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft, is Available now in early access, promises an immersive and bone-chilling gaming experience. The game, which focuses on teamwork, allows players to form a party of four, take on the roles of cultists and take on horrific Lovecraftian entities together.

The developers have shared an update for the upcoming content, which includes an additional main entity with unique mechanics tied to game progression, as well as smaller entities with distinct characteristics that will appear in select areas. Each unique enemy will have its own individual jump care event, adding to the atmosphere of the game.

Swamps are a particular danger, and players are advised to keep teammates close to them when traversing these areas. Eresys features a navigation system designed to help teammates stay together, and certain events and puzzles will provide hints about the location of nearby shrines and altars.

In Eresys, players must work as a team to close a Void Gate that has been opened by a deranged former member of the cult on a secluded island. This portal has unleashed terrifying creatures that have claimed many lives, and it is up to the players to dispatch them and close the portal before more chaos wreaks. Players will have to locate and gather resources, make offerings at altars, and perform final rites before entities overrun the island and bring their terror to the outside world.

Eresys boasts an immersive environment, with intricate visuals that showcase monsters and characters. Players will encounter intelligent AI mechanics, as the entities are not ordinary monsters but calculating beings that respond to the players’ choices and actions. Unexpected events can be caused by any element related to astrology, which keeps players on their toes.

Players can find temporary safety in homes and buildings, where they can locate hidden lootable items and resources needed to complete the final ritual. Caves may provide a short respite and extra resources, but they can also hide sinister surprises.

The game includes a powerful tome, the Book of Order, which can banish the ancient entity once it is completed. Players must collect the missing pages and decide who will hold the book. Enchanted victims and other resources can be found all over the island, and players must collect their blood into vials.

On Eresys, oil lamps can be used to keep ancient entities in their place, as they are not aware of light. Players must make sure that at least two lights are lit and stick together to keep a distance from enemies. Altars, manifestations from the realm of the dead, can be offered in exchange for blood globules.


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