Facebook Gaming recently introduced the ability to play multiplayer games during Messenger video calls, providing a new way for users to connect with friends and family. This shared experience combines conversation and play, deepening the bonds between the participants.

Currently, 14 free Messenger video calling games are available for iOS, Android and web platforms, with no installation required. These games include Mini Golf, Exploding Cats, Words With Friends, Quiz Planet, Card Wars, Basketball FRVR, Spyfall, Go Fish Totally Hooked, Crossword Party, Lab Coats for short FRVR, Werewolves of Silverton, Yatzy FRVR, and Poker Lounge. Each game supports a different number of players, as most of the games can only be played by two people.

Facebook multiplayer game promotional image
Photo: meta

To access these games, users simply need to start a video call on Messenger, tap the group mode button in the middle, and then tap the Play icon to browse the game library.

Share Facebook Gaming They understand the importance of games as a fun way to connect with loved ones and make new friends. As a result, the company plans to add more free games to the platform throughout the year.

Developers interested in integrating this feature into their games can contact their partner manager for more information on how to get started.


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