Fall guysthe family-friendly party royal from the developer My voiceJust announced that Creative Creation Mode will be officially launched on May 10th, 2023 at 10am UTC.

Creative will allow players to create their own rides, share them with friends, and explore some on their own. The mode will only start with access to races, but new obstacles, themes, and more will continue to be added to the mode over time.

The developers also announced that other big changes were waiting for them Fall guys, which will lead to longer seasons. You can see the full development update today at Fall guys YouTube channel:

The new Creative Construction mode got a deep dive today, and while it’s somewhat short in content, the features themselves look rather impressive. It will have basic limitations like budget, but there are some unexpected liberties. Besides freely maneuvering with the cursor, players will be able to change item sizes, switch captures, and jump in for a quiz at any time.

Naturally, there will be many comparisons with the likes Super Mario Maker. But it’s a welcome addition either way, as it better fosters a sense of community and unleashes players’ creativity.

Today’s show really tried to stress that gamers will have the same level of control as the developers themselves. Creative should also give the game more longevity, allowing players to fuel up constantly Fall guys with new content.

It’s a little disappointing that the classes are going to take longer. But 50 new rounds have been announced so far today, along with a new Coin Quest event and experimental additions like Powerups, Tether Mode, and Coop. Also, there are sure to be more IP collaborations. There have been a lot of crossovers with such amazing IP Invincible Clothes that were introduced in January, and which just came back last week.

You can read more about Fall guysMediatonic, and other platforming and party royale games by checking out the rest of our news section.

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