A new Fallout-style RPG, inspired by isometric Black Isle classics like Fallout 2, comes to Steam, paying loving homage to the open-world series later developed by Bethesda and Obsidian.

Space Wreck offers an open-ended character creator, similar to Fallout: New Vegas, and allows players to complete missions in multiple different ways. In classic RPG style, the entire game can be completed without killing anyone, and is framed with gorgeous semi-2D graphics, from the isometric perspective familiar to fans of great old games like Fallout 2 and the original Syndicate.

With turn-based combat and a choice system where everything you do will have an impact on the world, Space Wreck has an “extreme focus on role-playing,” with developer Pahris Entertainment describing the game as “an inch thick.” wide, miles deep – an intentionally short but surprisingly deep and branching adventure with multiple playstyles.” Play as an explorer, a diplomat, or, in the short words of the Space Wreck trailer, “just a jerk.” It looks full and detailed, but how you interact with it is apparently completely up to you.

Located aboard a variety of different space stations and intergalactic habitats, your missions seem to focus on obtaining resources and parts to repair aging machinery. There’s hacking, dialogue choices, and a sharp retro-futuristic aesthetic that harkens back to the original Fallout, but also more modern RPGs like Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds. A Fallout-style game set in space? Sounds like the perfect distraction while we wait for Starfield’s release date. Space Wreck launches on December 5th, but you can play the demo now at Vapor.

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