There are 128 monsters in the first Final Fantasy, all of which you must encounter and defeat if you want the achievement tied to 100% Bestiary completion. Here’s every beast in the Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster Bestiary and their locations.

Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster – All Bestiary monsters and their locations

It took me 13 hours to beat Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster, with 100% Bestiary completion being the last thing I needed. Because of the location of some of the last monsters, you won’t be able to finish the Bestiary until you’ve beaten the game.

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How to complete the Bestiary in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

  1. Goblin—Outside Cornelia, outside Pravoca, Chaos Shrine, Terra Cavern.
  2. Goblin Guard—Outside Pravoca, Chaos Shrine, Terra Cavern.
  3. Wolf—Outside Pravoca, outside Elfheim, Chaos Shrine.
  4. Crazy Horse—Outside Pravoca, Chaos Shrine.
  5. Skeleton—Chaos Shrine, Marsh Cave.
  6. Black Widow—Chaos Shrine, Marsh Cave, Terra Cavern.
  7. Gigas Worm—Outside Pravoca, outside Elfheim, Chaos Shrine.
  8. Warg Wolf—Outside Pravoca, outside Elfheim, Chaos Shrine, Terra Cavern.
  9. Werewolf—Chaos Shrine, Terra Cavern.
  10. Zombie—Chaos Shrine, Marsh Cave.
  11. Ghoul—Outside Melmond, Chaos Shrine, Marsh Cave.
  12. Garland—Chaos Shrine.
  13. Cobra—Outside Elfheim, outside Melmond, Terra Cavern.
  14. Ogre—Outside Pravoca, outside Elfheim, outside Melmond, Terra Cavern, Titan’s Cave.
  15. Ogre Chief—Outside Elfheim, Terra Cavern, Titan’s Cave.
  16. Lizard—Outside Pravoca, Terra Cavern.
  17. Pirate—Pravoca.
  18. Sahagin—Sea.
  19. Sahagin Chief—Sea.
  20. Buccaneer—Sea.
  21. Shark—Sea.
  22. Bigeyes—Sea.
  23. Tarantula—Outside Elfheim, Marsh Cave, Terra Cavern.
  24. Ghast—Outside Melmond, outside Elfheim, Terra Cavern, Ice Cavern.
  25. Scorpion—Marsh Cave, Mt, Gulg.
  26. Shadow—Melmond, Marsh Cave.
  27. Green Slime—Marsh Cave.
  28. Crawler—Marsh Cave.
  29. Gray Ooze—Outside Melmond, outside Terra Cavern, Marsh Cave, Mt. Gulg.
  30. Gargoyle—Marsh Cave, Terra Cavern, Chaos Shrine.
  31. Bloodbones—Marsh Cave, Ice Cavern.
  32. Piscodemon—Marsh Cave, Terra Cavern, Ice Cavern.
  33. Astos—Western Keep.
  34. Mummy—Western Keep, Terra Cavern, Mirage Tower, Ice Cavern.
  35. Wraith—Terra Cavern, Western Keep.
  36. Anaconda—Terra Cavern, Marsh Cave.
  37. Hyenadon—Mt. Gulg, Terra Cavern.
  38. Lesser Tiger—Outside Onrac, outside Melmond, Titan’s Cave.
  39. Minotaur—Terra Cavern, Mt. Gulg.
  40. Hill Gigas—Terra Cavern, Mt. Gulg, northeast of Pravoca.
  41. Earth Elemental—Terra Cavern, Chaos Shrine (past).
  42. Troll—Outside Onrac, outside Lufenia, Terra Cavern.
  43. Wight—Terra Cavern, Ice Cavern.
  44. Ochre Jelly—Terra Cavern (B3, B4, B5).
  45. Cockatrice—Terra Cavern, Ice Cavern, Sunken Shrine, Mirage Tower.
  46. Vampire—Terra Cavern, Mirage Tower, Chaos Shrine (past).
  47. Ogre Mage—Outside Onrac, Terra Cavern, Mt. Gulg.
  48. Sphinx—Terra Cavern, Mt. Gulg, Cardia Islands.
  49. Lich—Terra Cavern.
  50. Ankheg—Mt. Gulg.
  51. Piranha—River.
  52. Red Piranha—River.
  53. Crocodile—River.
  54. White Croc—River.
  55. Ochu—River.
  56. Neochu—River, Flying Fortress (4F, 5F).
  57. Hydra—River.
  58. Horned Devil—Mt. Gulg, Citadel of Trials.
  59. Pyrolisk—Mt. Gulg, Mirage Tower.
  60. Fire Elemental—Mt. Gulg, Chaos Shrine (past).
  61. Fire Hydra—Mt. Gulg, Flying Fortress.
  62. Lava Worm—Mt. Gulg, Chaos Shrine (past).
  63. Hellhound—Outside Onrac, Mt. Gulg, Mirage Tower.
  64. Fire Lizard—Mt. Gulg, Chaos Shrine (past).
  65. Fire Gigas—Mt. Gulg, Chaos Shrine (past).
  66. Red Dragon—Mt. Gulg.
  67. Marilith—Mt. Gulg.
  68. White Dragon—Ice Cavern, Chaos Shrine (past).
  69. Winter Wolf—Outside Pravoca, outside Onrac, outside Lufenia, Ice Cavern, Chaos Shrine (Past).
  70. Mindflayer—Ice Cavern, Flying Fortress, Chaos Shrine (past).
  71. Ice Gigas—Outside Onrac, Ice Cavern, Chaos Shrine (past).
  72. Specter—Ice Cavern (B1, B2).
  73. Remorazz—Outside Onrac (forest), Ice Cavern.
  74. Dark Wizard—Ice Cavern, Chaos Shrine (past).
  75. Evil Eye—Ice Cavern, Flying Fortress.
  76. Desert Baretta—Outside Onrac, desert.
  77. Sabertooth—Outside Onrac, Mirage Tower.
  78. Wyvern—Outside Onrac, Mirage Tower, Great Desert.
  79. Wyrm—Outside Onrac, Mirage Tower.
  80. Manticore—Outside Onrac, Mirage Tower.
  81. Baretta—Outside Onrac, Flying Fortress.
  82. Basilisk—Great Desert, Cardia Islands.
  83. Allosaurus—Outside Lufenia, Great Desert.
  84. Weretiger—Cardia Islands, Mirage Tower (3F).
  85. Sand Worm—Deserts, Cardia Islands.
  86. Minotaur Zombie—Outside Lufenia, Citadel of Trials.
  87. King Mummy—Citadel of Trials, Mirage Tower, Waterfall Cavern.
  88. Medusa—Citadel of Trials (B2), Mirage Tower (1F, 3F).
  89. Rakshasa—Citadel of Trials (2F, 3F), Flying Fortress (3F, 4F).
  90. Clay Golem—Citadel of Trials, Flying Fortress, Chaos Shrine (past).
  91. Nightmare—Citadel of Trials, Waterfall Cavern, Mirage Tower, Flying Fortress, Chaos Shrine (past).
  92. Dragon Zombie—Citadel of Trials, Chaos Shrine (past).
  93. Sahagin Prince—Sunken Shrine.
  94. White Shark—Sunken Shrine (1F, 2F, 3F, 4F), Chaos Shrine (past).
  95. Deepeyes—Sunken Shrine (1F, 2F, 3F, 4F), Chaos Shrine (past).
  96. Sea Snake—Sunken Shrine.
  97. Sea Scorpion—Sunken Shrine.
  98. Sea Troll—Sunken Shrine, Chaos Shrine (past).
  99. Ghost—Sunken Shrine.
  100. Water Elemental—Sunken Shrine.
  101. Water Naga—Sunken Shrine (3F), Chaos Shrine (past).
  102. Kraken—Sunken Shrine.
  103. Tyrannosaur—Great Desert.
  104. Black Knight—Flying Fortress.
  105. Chimera—Mirage Tower, Flying Fortress, Chaos Shrine (past; 2F, 3F).
  106. Guardian—Mirage Tower, Flying Fortress (3F, 4F).
  107. Blue Dragon—Mirage Tower.
  108. Green Dragon—Waterfall Cavern, Chaos Shrine (past).
  109. Stone Golem—Flying Fortress (2F, 3F), Chaos Shrine (past; B1, 4F).
  110. Air Elemental—Flying Fortress.
  111. Spirit Naga—Flying Fortress (1F, 2F, 4F, 5F).
  112. Death Knight—Mirage Tower, Flying Fortress.
  113. Earth Medusa—Flying Fortress, Chaos Shrine (past).
  114. Black Flan—Flying Fortress.
  115. Soldier—Flying Fortress.
  116. Vampire Lord—Flying Fortress, Chaos Shrine (past; 2F, 3F, B4).
  117. Dark Fighter—Flying Fortress (3F, 4F, 5F), Chaos Shrine (past; 3F).
  118. Warmech—Flying Fortress (bridge just before Tiamat).
  119. Tiamat—Flying Fortress.
  120. Rhyos—Chaos Shrine (past; 2F).
  121. Death Eye—Chaos Shrine (past).
  122. Purple Worm—Chaos Shrine (past).
  123. Iron Golem—Chaos Shrine (past; B4).
  124. Lich—Chaos Shrine (past).
  125. Marilith—Chaos Shrine (past).
  126. Kraken—Chaos Shrine (past).
  127. Tiamat—Chaos Shrine (past).
  128. Chaos—Chaos Shrine (past).

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Where to find the Bestiary in Final Fantasy 1 Pixel Remaster

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

If you want to check on your progress but can’t find the Bestiary anywhere, I get it; it took me 30 minutes to finally track it down. I figured it would be in-game, but it’s not—it’s actually only accessible via the title screen menu.

Return to the title screen, then select Extras > Bestiary to find it. Here, you’ll see all the monsters you’ve found so far, as well as how many you still have to go.

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