PAX West is a video game convention that happened last weekend, and cast Final Fantasy XVI and localization director Christopher-Michael Cozy Fox Talked at length about the game, its characters, Valisthi’s world and more. At the beginning of his panel, though, FFXVI producer Naoki Yoshida announced via video A free update is now available for the game, along with word the game is getting two paid DLCs. Yoshida revealed that the PC version of FFXVI is currently being developed at Square Enix.

Highlights of the free update, which you can download right now, include alternate outfits for some of the main characters like Clive, Jill, and Torgal, as well as a weapon transmog ability that lets you change the appearance of Clive’s sword. The stats of your currently equipped weapon. Other changes coming to the game in patch 1.10 include quality of life changes such as arcade mode adjustments, new controller layouts, additional system menu settings, and several fixes for in-game issues.

Here’s a look at the new alternate outfits for Clive, Jill, and Torgal:

Yoshida revealed that two paid DLCs are coming to FFXVI.

“(We’ve) seen a lot of feedback and feedback from our community of Final Fantasy XVI players,” Yoshida says in the video. “But one thing that came out particularly strong was how people wanted to see the story of Valistia and spend more time with its inhabitants. To make room, the development team began work on two installments of paid DLC.”

There’s no word on when to expect these DLCs. “Development of the PC version is currently underway,” Yoshida announced. They hope to share more about this PC version of FFXVI and DLC development before the end of the year.

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