Fortnitethe classic battle royale game from the developer and publisher epic games, has just released a new teaser officially announcing the upcoming Ranked mode. There were no other details about the system’s mechanisms, conditions, or release date. The rating was announced in a brief tweet from the official Fortnite The recap, which contains an exclusive teaser with all level codes:

Adding the rating would be a really massive shift in my Fortnite. First, it will help organize and identify lobbies more effectively, assuming the feature will work properly.

Players who prefer to immerse themselves in a casual match or two with their friends are more likely to encounter opponents with similar skills. After the first days of launch of course, once the hard attempts rise quickly out of reach. And those who enjoy teaming up for highly tactical matches and achieving consistent victory can finally test themselves against the very best.

Battle royale is already a naturally competitive genre with mass elimination of players, however Fortnite It often feels like an unofficial title, especially with the likes of build and IP crossovers. Therefore, it may seem a little unexpected Fortnite To encourage more competitive matches.

but Fortnite It still has the right foundation for it, and hopefully the new ranked system will give players more freedom to get the experience they prefer.

It can be very difficult for developers to deliver a successful matching experience, which has annoyed a lot of people Fortnite’s competitors. Apex Legendsanother FTP battle royale, still keeps crashing after years of skill-based matchmaking.

also, Fortnite It will need to offer players a reasonable system to rank up or down, and this also requires careful balancing. but, Fortnite Reliably implement entirely new patterns and concepts, so hopefully Taxonomic will be just as successful.

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