Fortnite has recently expanded the player experience by enabling XP earning on UEFN Built Islands, allowing players to accumulate experience points at a similar rate as playing Fortnite Creative Islands, UEFN Islands, or Battle Royale / Zero Build Islands. With experience point gains awarded on a per-minute basis, players will have experience points earned through hourly bonuses awarded to their account, which may appear later in their play session or during the next session.

Here it is Official announcement from Epic Games:

Hello creatives!

We are excited to announce that players can now earn XP from playing UEFN-built islands.

Currently, players will earn XP from playing the UEFN Islands on a per-minute basis, and will not be tied to an Accolade device. Our goal is for players to be able to earn XP at a similar average rate whether they’re playing Fortnite Creative, UEFN Islands, or Battle Royale / Zero Build. We will continue to monitor XP gains and make adjustments as needed.

Players’ experience points earned from playing the UEFN Islands will be rewarded in an hourly bonus to their account, meaning they may not see XP immediately but later in their play session (or next play session).

The Accolade in Fortnite Creative Islands does not change in functionality and is still coming to UEFN in the future as a mechanism for Creators to distribute XP to their players.

Epic Games has launched a version Unreal Editor for Fortnite (@UEFN) March 22, 2023, providing creators with a powerful tool to design, develop, and publish games and experiences directly in Fortnite. UEFN is a key feature of Unreal Engine, a professional game developer toolkit used to create games for various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, mobile devices, PC, and Mac. The UEFN public beta already offers a range of games and experiences, from shadow team combat to ultra-realistic simulations.

UEFN works in conjunction with Fortnite’s existing Creative Toolkit, enabling teams of creators to collaborate across PC and console platforms to develop and test islands in real time. The Accolade device in the Fortnite Creative Islands remains unchanged in functionality and will be integrated into UEFN in the future as a way for Creators to distribute XP to their players.

To further support Creators and acknowledge their contributions to the success of Fortnite, Epic Games also introduced Creator Economy 2.0, which includes participation payments to eligible publishers on the island. These payments distribute 40% of net revenue from the Fortnite Item Shop and most real money purchases to Island Publishers each month, taking into account factors such as Island popularity, engagement, and attraction of new players.

Share payout funds are separate from the Support-A-Creator program and are designed to reward Island Creators who post content in Fortnite. The Support-A-Creator device has been removed from the game, allowing creators to focus on developing interactive experiences without requiring players to use their Creator Code. Players now support Creators with cash every time they play their favorite Fortnite island or game, with no code required.

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