Funko Fusionan upcoming action-adventure game featuring collectible avatars from 10:10 Games, a studio built from designs formerly at TT Games. Funko Fusion He did not reveal the exact date of his release, but according to a new official blog postThe developers are aiming for an early release in 2024.

The game will feature as diverse a cast of characters as the collectibles themselves, mixing the likes Back to the Future, The Umbrella Academy, The Thing, and more. It’s meant to be about the mixed genre, and will allow players to experience the trademark “key story moments” of the franchise.

Supported platforms are not specified, however Funko Fusion It will be available on both PC and consoles. You can watch complete Funko Fusion Teaser on the 10:10 Games YouTube channel here:

Funko Fusion The first address will be from 10:10 p.m. However, the studio was built by people who bring experience from TT Games, which is a very clear reference point for the quality fans should expect.

TT Games has consistently developed fantastic, funny, and legitimately hilarious LEGO games that have also honestly had to understand the beloved IP. So though Funko Fusion Overly ambitious as it may sound, 10:10 Games has a lot of potential to successfully handle the responsibility of such a huge mix.

It’s shameful and exciting at the same time Funko Fusion It will incorporate direct story elements from the source characters. It would be nice to mix them up in places where they normally can’t be, with interactions they shouldn’t be getting. This is a highlight of many of the multiverse games out there, such as MultiVersus. But it is an opportunity to enjoy some of the most popular shows and movies of all time.

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