G-MODE to launch a role-playing game developed by ATLUS Majin Tensei: Blind Thinker as a G+ MODE Files title for Switch via Nintendo eShop and PC via Steam In Japan, the company Announced. A release date was not announced.

Majin Tensei: Blind Thinker is a strategy role-playing game that was originally released for feature phones on July 11, 2007 in Japan.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its steam page:

About the game

Set in the year 20XX in “NEO TOKYO”, a symbol of the new era. What is the “demon summoning program” left by the missing father?

Majin Tensei is a simulation role-playing game released in 1994 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). He gaiden What happened to the worldview of Majin Tensei The series, which was supported by many fans for its unique vision of the dark world and its challenging level of difficulty, was Majin Tensei: Blind Thinkerdistributed on basic phones at that time.

This work consists of “story parts” and “battle parts.” In the “story parts,” the story advances through dialogues between the protagonist, the characters around him, and his opponents. When the player enters a battle, he enters the “battle part” and, if he wins the battle, he can move on to the next chapter.

Commands include “Move”, “Attack”, “Magic” to heal friends and attack multiple enemies, as well as “Summon Demons”, “Bargain with Demons (conversation)”, and “Combine Demons”, which are exclusive to the series . .

The scenario takes a multi-scenario approach that changes based on decisions made during the game. Players can enjoy a new story every time they play. Additionally, by meeting certain conditions, players can play in hidden scenarios, allowing them to play again and again.

About G MODE Files

He G MODE Files is a re-release project that faithfully recreates old games for traditional phones as they were back then.

In order to enjoy the application as it was then, the web-connected menu, buttons and keys have been transplanted, but some of them may not work.
For more information about the Steam version, press the HOME button and see “How to play” in the OPTIONS menu.


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