Active Duty Operator Slots were introduced to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 DMZ with the Season 3 update. Gear Up is a Tier 3 mission for the Redacted faction that asks you to get all three of your operators fully kitted up with the best gear items.

Gear Up Mission DMZ

  • Fully gear up your 1st Active Duty Operator.
  • Fully gear up your 2nd Active Duty Operator.
  • Fully gear up your 3rd Active Duty Operator.

How to select Active Duty Operators in DMZ

Active Duty Slot (Image by Pro Game Guides)

Before getting to know how to obtain high-tier gear for your operators, let’s first check out how you can change them. From the main menu of DMZ, go to the Active Duty section where you usually equip your loadout. In the left corner, you’ll see the selected Active Duty Operator. You can change the character by selecting the Swap option and picking from two other base operators.

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How to fully gear up Active Duty Operators in DMZ

While selecting an operator for your Active Duty Slot, you’ll notice the items that the operators are currently equipped with. These are the gear for that operator that you’ve acquired during your deployment and successfully exfiltrated with.

Fully geared-up operators (Screenshot by Pro Game Guides)

In the above image, all three Active Duty Operators are fully geared up. Acquire the following five items and extract from the to fully gear up your operator:

  1. Large Backpack
  2. Killstreak (UAV, Advanced UAV, Bomb Drone, Precision Airstrike, Cluster Mine, etc.)
  3. 3-Plate Armor Vest (Regular Vest, Comms Vest, Stealth Vest, Medic Vest, and Tempered Vest)
  4. Durable Gas Mask
  5. Self Revive Kit

Once you have these items for, let’s say, your first Active Duty Operator, extract from the DMZ to check off the first task of the Gear Up mission. Now, select the second Active Duty Operator and acquire gear for them. Do the same for the third operator in the next match to complete the mission.

How to quickly get good gear in DMZ

Port Ashika (Image by Pro Game Guides)

There are several ways to fully gear up your operators in DMZ. One great way to acquire good gear and loot is by visiting the Port Ashika POI on the Ashika Island map. This region has around 10 Strongholds every match that you can clear out and loot for necessary items.

Buy Stations on the maps are the next best places to visit where you can spend your cash to purchase required items from the Gear menu. These include 3-Plate Armor Vests, Large Backpacks, and random Killstreaks that cost $35,000, $30000, and $12,000 respectively. Furthermore, you can trade specific valuables for gear from the Barter menu:

  • 3-Plate Comms Vest: 2 Hard Drives, 2 Batteries, 1 Soothing Hand Cream
  • 3-Plate Medic Vest: 3 Bandages, 1 Liquor, 1 Watch
  • Durable Gas Mask: 2 Toothpastes, 1 Lighter
  • 3-Plate Stealth Vest (Al Mazrah only): 2 Electrical Components, 1 Comic Book, 1 Game Console
  • Tempered Plate Carrier (Ashika Island only): 1 Classified Documents, 1 Sensite Documents, 1 Documents

Besides that, you can also acquire high-tier gear pretty easily by unlocking and looting locked spaces if you have their key. You can also loot airplane supply drops and dead enemy operators for valuables. Completing the Gear Up mission rewards players with the City Hall Hideout Key that can be used for the Whistleblower mission for Tier 1 Crown.

Stay tuned to Pro Game Guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, head over to our article on Double Cross DMZ Mission Guide.


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