Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Writer-director Rian Johnson discussed how the character of Edward Norton could compare to real-life tech billionaires, namely Elon Musk.

In an interview with TermJohnson explained that while there are surely similarities between Norton’s character Miles Bron and Musk, he did his best to make Miles unique. “The fact that Bron is a tech billionaire, which made a lot of sense for the story, became a hurdle in writing. Because, I don’t think I have to say the names, there are some obvious real-world analogues. And in The instant I started thinking about any of them specifically, it got so boring so quickly. So to disconnect him from that and try to build him as his own kind of clown character, it became a challenge.”

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Building on Johnson’s comments, Norton, a major player in glass onion cast, he stated that there is no one like his character in the real world. He stressed that while Bron inevitably has aspects of real-world billionaires, he and Johnson went to great lengths to make him his own person. “My take on this was really knowing that Miles is a character cut from a very specific species,” the actor said. “They’re all around us these days, and we’re really loving them. So for me, working with Rian was picking out the perfect traits to send to a particular type of person.”

The Knives Out franchise

glass onionthe 2019 sequel knives outwhich earned Johnson an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Screenplay, will have a week-long theatrical release starting November 23 before it hits Netflix on December 23. and Netflix can coexist.

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While Johnson was originally considering working on another, entirely separate project after the release of glass onionhas since admitted that he wants to address knives out 3 as soon as possible. “The honest truth to God is that I had a lot of fun doing this,” he said. “And the creative challenge of finding a third film that is completely different from both this and the first, right now, that’s the most interesting creative challenge for me. So I might dive in and see what we come up with. “

Crystal Onion: A Knives Out Mystery hits theaters on November 23 and Netflix on December 23.

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